ATI PN Comprehensive Predictor Form A, B, C & D| Questions and Answers | LATEST, 2021

ATI PN Comprehensive Predictor Form A, B, C & D| Questions and Answers | LATEST, 2021

ATI PN Comprehensive Predictor

2020/2021 Form A,B,C

ATI PN Comprehensive Predictor

Form A |Questions and Answers|

LATEST, 2020/2021

1. A nurse is reviewing the techniques for transferring a client from a bed to a chair with a group

of assistive personnel (AP). Which of the following instructions should the nurse include?

ANS: Use lower-body strength

RATIONALE: The nurse should instruct the AP to use lower-body strength when lifting a client toreduce

stress on the back

2. A nurse is participating in a quality improvement study about the effectiveness of client pain

management in the unit. Which of the following strategies should the nurse use to collect data?

ANS: Review clients' charts for their rating of pain before pain medication was administered and 1 hr

after administration

RATIONALE: The nurse should collect data from clients' charts about pain ratings before and after pain

management interventions

3. A nurse is reinforcing teaching about confidentiality with a client who has a new diagnosis

of HIV. Which of the following information should the nurse include in theteaching?

ANS: "Your HIV status will be shared with members of your health care team."

RATIONALE: The diagnosis of HIV or AIDS is shared with every member of the healthcare teamwho

provides direct care for the client, just like any other diagnoses

4. A nurse is planning care for a client who has a history of seizures. Which of thefollowing

pieces of equipment should the nurse place in the client's room?

ANS: Suction catheter

RATIONALE: The nurse should place suction equipment in the room of a client who has a history of

seizures. During a seizure, the client might have excessive oral secretions or might vomit. If the client's

airway becomes occluded, then the nurse will need to suction the oral cavity to maintain a patent airway

5. A nurse in a provider's office is reviewing the medical record of a client who requests a

prescription for an oral contraceptive. Which of the following findings should the nurse identify as

a contraindication for oral contraceptive use?

ANS: Coronary artery disease

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