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ATI Nutrition Proctored Exam Older adult clients will need more _____and vitamin ___to help maintain bone health. They may also be instructed to increase ____in their diet. - calcium and vitamin D increase fiber Older adults have decreased absorption of what three nutrients? 1. Vitamin B12 2. Folic acid 3. Calcium The soft diet is also known as the bland, low fiber diet and contains foods such as: - Whole foods that are low in fiber, lightly seasoned and easily digested. Is it safe to take antibiotics while breastfeeding? - Yes, PO antibiotics are safe. Notify provider and finish entire course to reduce risk of reoccurrence. There is a slight transfer between breast milk though. Food interactions with MAOIs include: - tyramine-rich foods caffeine foods/beverages A nurse is providing follow-up dietary teaching for a client who recently was prescribed phenelzine (Nardil). When reviewing the client's dietary log, which of the following foods requires a need for further teaching? A. Cottage cheese B. Banana bread C. Apple pie D. Grilled steak Intermittent tube feeding formula set rate: - administered every 4-6 hr in equal portions of 200-300 mL over a 30-60 min time frame, usually by gravity drip Which type of tube feeding is often used in noncritical clients, home tube feedings, and clients in rehabilitation? - intermittent tube feeding What should the head of the bed be elevated at for tube feedings and for how long? - HOB at least 30 degrees and for during and after for 30-60 min to prevent aspiration risk How often should you obtain gastric residuals for a client receiving tube feedings? - every 4-6 hrs. When beginning a new prescription for enteral nutrition by intermittent tube feeding how should you first initiate this feeding? - Increase the formula over the first 4 to 6 feedings until the prescribed volume is achieved A nurse is preparing to administer intermittent enteral feeding to a client who has neuromuscular disorder. Which of the following are appropriate nursing interventions? Select all that apply. A. Fill the feeding bag w/24 hr worth of formula B. Discard irrigation equipment after 24 hr C. Leave unused portions of formula at the bedside D. Label the unused portion of the formula E. Replace administration tubing & feeding bag every 48 hr Teach parents that they may switch their child to skim or 1% low fat milk after... - 2 years of age A nurse is teaching a client who has pre-stage chronic kidney disease about dietary management. Which of the following information should the nurse include in the instructions? A. Restrict protein intake B. Maintain a high-phosphorus diet C. Increase intake of foods high in potassium D. Limit dairy products to 1 cup per day Major sources of dietary potassium (K): - oranges dried fruits tomatoes avocados dried peas meats broccoli bananas Major sources of dietary chloride (Cl): - table salt Major sources of dietary calcium (Ca): - dairy broccoli kale grains egg yolks Major sources of dietary magnesium (Mg): - green leafy vegetables nuts grains meat milk Major sources of dietary phosphorus (P): - dairy peas soft drinks meat eggs some grains Major sources of dietary sulfur (S): - dried fruits meats red and white wines Major diet sources of vitamin A: - orange/yellow-colored foods liver dairy Major diet sources of vitamin D

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