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What is qwivy?

A website where students can hire expert scholars to help them with their homework and also buy papers

How does QWIVY Work?

It is a surprisingly simple process!
1. Post homework that you need help with
2. Scholars submit proposals to help you
3. Select the scholar you want help from
4. Fund the project to give scholar assurance you are willing to pay
5. Scholar completes project and sends you the work
6. Release payment and rate scholar

How are Scholars Verified on QWIVY?

Every scholar registered on QWIVY is verified in the following manner: A scholar must send in a copy of their degree/certification. Each scholar is asked to submit samples pertaining to their specialization. The scholar‘s work is then reviewed by a team of specialists and a decision is made to verify the scholar

How can I know if the Scholar will do Quality Work?

You can look at the scholar’s past feedback to get an idea of the quality of work performed by them. This is usually a great indication of the work they will perform for you. You may also message the scholar and ask for samples of their work before deciding to hire them

What is an Escrow Payment?

Escrow payment means that QWIVY holds the payment in good faith for you and only you can release the payment to the scholar. This is done to protect the student in case the work was not done right. It also protects the scholar in case the student does not pay after the work is completed.

Help! The work wasn't done right or the scholar is not responding!

Scholars are located around the world and due to time zone differences might not respond to you right away. Most issues can be resolved by clarifying the requirements for the project. If the issue is still not resolved, simply click on 'File a Dispute' on the Project Page. The scholar must resolve your complaint within 24 hours after filing a dispute. If they don't, then you can click on 'Escalate' on the Dispute Page to have a member of the AceMyHomework dispute team will look into the issue.

I want to reassign work to a scholar

Once the work is assigned to a scholar, the only way to reassign is to have the scholar issue you a refund. This is done to ensure proper responsibility on the part of the assigned scholar.

I am interested in becoming a scholar on

Great! Register on our site and follow the instructions to get verified. Once you are verified, you can start bidding on work.

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