Downloading Purchases

How do I find the download I purchased?

  • When using a pc or a tablet - After you have successfuly purchased your item, head to your web browser's top right area. Click the white icon and head to purchases. You can also follow the following link to access your purchasesYour purchases will be listed there and ready to be downloaded. Note that, you must be logged in to be able to download your purchased items. 
  • When using a phone - Head to top right area of your screen, click the three lines then click purchases. Everything will be there and ready to be downloaded.  

  • Note: If you are using an iPhone, sometimes the downloaded content might appear like its encrypted, don't worry, just use your PC to download it and all will be well

In case you have any other questions, suggestions or compliments, you can contact us anytime or send us an email to [email protected] .

Download, enjoy and all the best in your exams. Thank you. 

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