ATI Fundamentals Proctored Exam 2019 / Pages 18

ATI Fundamentals Proctored Exam 2019 / Pages 18



Question 1.

A nurse is assessing a client’s personal hygiene. Which of the following findings

indicates that the client might have difficulty with routinely bruising their teeth?

A. The clients mucosa is moist

B. The client gums feel spongy

C. The client has a missing tooth

D. The Client’s tongue is a dull red color

 Question 2.

A nurse is planning to discharge a client who has diabetes mellitus and a new

prescription for insulin. Which of the following actions should the nurse plan to

complete first?

A. Make a copy of the medication reconciliation form for the client

B. Provide the client with the contact number for a diabetes education specialist

C. Determine whether the client can afford the insulin administration supplies

D. Obtain printed about insulin self administration

 Question 3.

 A community health nurse is teaching a group of clients about kegel exercises to

prevent urinary incontinence. Which of the following instructions should the nurse


A. Contact your pelvic muscle when performing the exercises

B. Expect improvement after 2 weeks of performing the exercises

C. Hold your breath when performing the exercises

D. Tighten your buttocks when performing the exercises

Question 4.

A nurse is assessing the skin of a client who has worked outdoors for the past 20 years.

Which of the following findings is the nurse's priority?

E. Skin tags noted in the neck region

F. A change in appearance of a mole on the shoulder

G. A flat, nonpalpable, discovered area of skin on the trunk

H. Atrophic wart on the left index finger

Question 5.

A nurse is caring for a client who has a high fever. Which of the following actions should

the nurse take?

A cover the client with heavy blankets after shivering subsides

B place ice packs on the clients neck and behind the knees

C apply a bath blanket between the client and a cooling blanket

D give the client a sponge bath using alcohol water solution

Question 6.

A nurse is caring for an infant who is to undergo surgery. The nurse should identify

which of the following individuals should sign the consent form?

A. The infants 17 year old mother

B. The infants provider

C. The infants grandmother

D. The mother’s 21 year old sibling

Question 7.

A nurse is assisting in the use of a fracture bedpan for a client who is immobile due to a

cast. Which of the following actions should the nurse use?

E. Encourage the client to try to defecate for 20 min while on the fracture pan.

F. Keep the bed flat while the client is on the fracture pan.

G. Hyperextend the clients back while the fracture pan is in place.

H. Place the shallow end of the fracture pan under the clients buttocks.

Question 8.

A nurse is reviewing the medical record of a client who asks about the use of a magnet

therapy for pain relief. The nurse should identify which of the following findings is a

contraindication for receiving this type of therapy?

I. The client is allergic to penicillin

J. The client has a prescription for metoprolol

K. The client has a history of alcohol use disorder

L. The client has an implanted defibrillator 

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