COMS 101 Quiz Chapter 8, Questions & Answers, Liberty University.

COMS 101 Quiz Chapter 8, Questions & Answers, Liberty University. COMS 101 Quiz Chapter 8 Logout QUESTION 1 1. An attention-getting act designed to highlight and arouse interest in your topic is known as a(n) ____________________. a. action b. startling statement c. story d. personal reference QUESTION 2 1. Because the introduction establishes a relationship with the audience, it is worth the time to compare different openings. True False QUESTION 3 1. A conclusion that states, "We must not permit our forests to die. Please, the next time you are camping, practice the suggestions I have made to you," is using the ________________ type of clincher. a. appeal to action b. summary c. vivid imagery d. pathos QUESTION 4 1. When telling a joke to get the audience's attention, it must the three R's. They are ______________. a. repeatable, realistic, and respectful b. realistic, relevant, and repeatable c. results, realistic, and repeatable d. respect, results, and relevant QUESTION 5 1. Regardless of the type of speech, all conclusions should include. a. a story b. an argument c. a personal reference d. a summary QUESTION 6 1. Which of the following is a reason for listing sources? a. it may be organized alphabetically or by content categories b. it will enable you to quickly find the information at a later date c. it organizes your research cards d. it can be listed in many different formal bibliographical styles QUESTION 7 1. A speaker who begins with, "It's a pleasure to return to State University. As you know, I'm a graduate of State. Though it was some time ago, the last few days I've spend on campus have made me feel as though I have never left," is using what type of introduction? a. quotation b. rhetorical question c. personal reference d. story QUESTION 8 1. The conclusion offer a speaker one last chance to do all of the following EXCEPT ____________. a. motivate the audience to action b. summarize the speech's main points c. leave the audience with a vivid impression d. introduce new information QUESTION 9 1. Telling a joke during your introduction has no risk associated with it. True False QUESTION 10 1. The use of a ______________ as a technique for getting attention during the introduction demands an overt response from the audience. a. direct question b. rhetorical question c. quotation d. joke

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