Exam (elaborations) Compilation of Test Bank Reviewer for Psychometrician Questions and Answers Graded A+

Exam (elaborations) Compilation of Test Bank Reviewer for Psychometrician Questions and Answers Graded A+

Exam (elaborations) Compilation of Test Bank Reviewer for Psychometrician

Compilation of Test Bank Reviewer for Psychometrician

(Note: correct answers are marked in green)

Test Bank for Abnormal Psychology An Integrative Approach 6th Edition Part 1

by Barlow

A psychological dysfunction refers to ✖

1. a. a breakdown in cognitive functioning.

2. b. a breakdown in emotional functioning.

3. c. a breakdown in behavioral functioning.

4. d. all of these

In regard to the criteria that define abnormality, it would be correct to state that ✖

1. a. no one criterion has yet been developed that fully defines abnormality. 2. b.

personal distress is the one criterion that defines abnormality. 3. c. the criteria

differ depending on the cause of the psychological disorder. 4. d. the criteria differ

depending on whether the individual has a psychological disorder or a

psychological dysfunction.

The historic belief that the movements and/or positions of the moon, stars, and planets

influence human behavior is still held by followers of the pseudoscience called

_____________. ✖

1. a. graphology

2. b. parapsychology

3. c. astronomy

4. d. astrology

Until the 1970s, hysterical disorders were diagnosed only in women. In fact, the term

"hysteria" derives from the Greek hysteron, which means ___________. ✔ 1. a.


2. b. uterus - Given

3. c. pregnancy

4. d. vagina

You are listening to old musical tunes, including "My Melancholy Baby." Your friends are

impressed when you tell them that "melancholic," referring to a depressive personality,

derives from a Greek word meaning _________. ✖

1. a. blood - Given

2. b. phlegm

3. c. yellow bile

4. d. black bile

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The treatment given to the mentally ill King Charles VI of France showed that the causes of

his disorder were attributed to ______________ phenomena. ✖

1. a. natural

2. b. supernatural

3. c. both natural and supernatural

4. d. neither natural nor supernatural

In terms of their typical course, schizophrenia follows a chronic course, while mood

disorders, including depression, follow a(n) _____________ course. ✔ 1. a.


2. b. time-limited

3. c. guarded

4. d. insidious

The biological and psychological models or theories of abnormality derived originally from

the ancient Greek concept in which the ✖

1. a. mind was considered separate from the body.

2. b. flow of bodily fluids affected behavior and personality.

3. c. female reproductive organs were associated with psychopathology. 4.

d. movement of the planets influenced human behavior.

In an attempt to rid the body of the excessive humors thought to be causing psychological

disorders, physicians throughout history have used treatments such as ________. ✔ 1. a.


2. b. induced seizures

3. c. exorcism

4. d. drilling through the skull

During the Middle Ages, as well as at other times, mentally ill people were sometimes

forced to undergo the religious ritual called exorcism in order to ✔

1. a. cure the mental illness by making the individual more religious. 2.

b. build up muscle strength and make the person healthier.

3. c. rid the individual`s body of evil spirits. - Given

4. d. prove that the person was not a witch.

The typical profile or prototype of a disorder reflects the ___________ as described in


1. a. theoretical perspectives on abnormality

2. b. treatments for mental disorders

3. c. causes of mental illness

4. d. diagnostic criteria for psychological disorders - Given

Dr. Littlefox studies the origins and causes of psychological disorders, including the

biological, psychological, and social dimensions. Dr. Littlefox studies the ___________ of a

disorder. ✖

 2 / 4

1. a. prognosis

2. b. etiology

3. c. outcome

4. d. psychopathology


A psychological disorder is said to have an acute onset if the symptoms develop

__________, while it has an insidious onset if the symptoms develop __________ . ✖

1. a. suddenly; gradually

2. b. suddenly; atypically

3. c. gradually; atypically

4. d. atypically; suddenly

Based on Hippocrates' humoral theory, "sanguine" describes a person who is ________.

1. a. pessimistic

2. b. pale

3. c. cheerful

4. d. humorous

In ancient Greece, "humoral excesses" thought to be causing psychological disorders were

treated by ✖

1. a. increasing or decreasing the person`s exposure to heat, dryness, moisture, or


2. b. herbal remedies.

3. c. decreasing both caloric and liquid intake.

4. d. lowering the person`s body temperature for extended periods of time.

Somatoform disorders, a current DSM-IV classification that evolved from the concept of

"hysteria," affect ✖

1. a. adult males only.

2. b. adult females only.

3. c. both males and females of any age.

4. d. children only.

In the 1930s, when insulin shock therapy was deemed too risky as a treatment for mental

disorder, __________________ began to be used instead. ✖

1. a. bromides

2. b. electroconvulsive therapy

3. c. megavitamin therapy

4. d. moral therapy

Induced vomiting was a 17th century treatment for depression. As described in Anatomy of

Melancholy (1621), this could be accomplished by eating _________. ✖ 1. a. raw meat

2. b. ice

3. c. coal

4. d. tobacco

In keeping with an accepted treatment for mental illness in the 14th century, a physician

 3 / 4

treating King Charles VI of France had him moved to the countryside in order to ✔ 1. a.

be closer to a hospital that treated mental illness.

2. b. keep him away from his family.

3. c. restore the balance in his humors.

4. d. cure him of hysteria.


Developmental psychopathology refers to the study of changes in ✔

1. a. abnormal behavior.

2. b. normal behavior.

3. c. children`s behavior, both normal and abnormal.

4. d. normal adolescent behavior.

According to the authors of your textbook, the definition of a psychological disorder is

associated with ___________. ✔

1. a. stress

2. b. impaired functioning

3. c. culturally expected responses

4. d. psychotic symptoms

A male college student begins feeling sad and lonely. Although still able to go to classes

and work at his job, he finds himself feeling down much of the time and worrying about

what is happening to him. Which part of the definition of abnormality applies to his

situation? ✖

1. a. Personal distress

2. b. Cultural factors

3. c. Impaired functioning

4. d. Violation of societal norms

One hot and humid night, one of your friends suggests doing some really crazy things. You

look up at the sky and say, "It must be the full moon." Your statement reflects the concept

from which the word ____________ is derived. ✔

1. a. lunatic

2. b. idiot

3. c. maniac

4. d. psychopath

During the Middle Ages, groups of people would suddenly exhibit bizarre behavior such as

running out into the street, dancing, shouting, and jumping around. This was known as

_________. ✔

1. a. tarantism

2. b. lycanthropy

3. c. demonic possession

4. d. the chicken dance

After college graduation, two of your friends are interested in careers in the helping

professions. Anna wants to become a psychiatrist; Carl plans on becoming a psychologist.

Since you are taking a course in Abnormal Psychology, they ask you for career advice. You

would tell ✔

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