KAPLAN EXIT EXAM V1-Questions&Answers
KAPLAN EXIT EXAM V1-Questions&Answers


1. The nurse cares for a client diagnosed with superficial partial thickness burn. The

nurse should assign the client to a room with which client?

A. A client diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome.

B. A client Diagnosed with cellulitis of the left leg.

C. A Client diagnosed with acute peritonsillar abscess.

D. A client diagnosed with acute pelvic inflammatory disease.

Answer: A

2. The nurse observes client care on a geriatric unit. The nurse should intervene in

which situation?

a. A student nurse assist the client out of bed toward the clients strong side.

b. A student nurse assist the client to sit on the side of the bed by lifting the client’s

shoulders and swinging the client’s legs over the edge of the bed.

c. A student nurse assists the client to stand from a sitting position by grasping the

client’s elbows.

d. Two student nurses use a draw sheet to turn a client in the bed.

Answer: C

3. The nurse evaluates the results of the client’s purified protein derivative (PPD) 2 ½

days after the injection. The nurse noted the induration is 4 mm. which action by the nurse

is most appropriate?

a. Inform the client the results are negative

b. Obtain the names of the client’s closest contacts.

c. Determine the HIV status of the client.

d. Wait and additional 24 hours to read the results.

Answer: A

4. The nurse cores for the client with a history of schizophrenia. The nurse expects to

note which speech pattern?

a. Repetition of the words used by the nurse.

b. Rapid, coherent conversation about unrelated topics.

c. Immediately answering questions appropriately.

d. Slow, purposeful answers to the nurses questions.

Answer: A

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lovly dorts 8 months ago

NO Kaplan!!! It says Kaplan but it is actually ATI
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