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NUR 2513 Maternal Child Nursing

Exam 3 Blueprint FINAL (Questions Only)


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7 (Chp 34, 38, 40, 41): Interventions for hospitalized peds client, Respiratory, Cardiac


• What are techniques for administration of ear drops (less than 2 versus older than 2)

• What are tips for helping a child take oral medication?

• What are teaching tips for use of a metered-dose inhaler?

• What’s important to know about the newborn/infant nose and breathing? What assessments

are important? p. 932

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• What are signs of dehydration? (See below)

• What are interventions for mild/moderate versus severe dehydration from gastroenteritis? pp.


• What are therapeutic interventions to manage croup (bronchiolitis)?

• What are symptoms of streptococcal pharyngitis and complications/risks?

• What are post-tonsillectomy nursing cares?

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• What are signs/clinical manifestations/assessment findings in a child with pneumonia?

• What are signs/symptoms and treatments of viral pneumonia?

• What are treatments and teaching topics for management of cystic fibrosis?

• What are the mechanisms of asthma and assessment findings you will note? p. 1114

• When would digoxin be used for a heart condition and what effect/action does it have?

• What are safety considerations when caring for a child with a chest tube? (Can read on CTs in

book, pp. 1152-1153, but you’ll probably find this answer in your ATIs).

• What will heart sounds sound like with a patent ductus arteriosus? Where can this murmur be

heard? P. 1140 and

• What are signs you’ll note in a newborn with coarctation of the aorta (CoA) and what are

important assessments to do to help confirm your suspicions of this anomaly?

• What is a position to have a child with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) go into if they show signs of

respiratory distress/altered oxygenation? Why does this help?

• What are teaching points/assessments/nursing cares for post-cardiac catheterization? pp. 1155-


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