NUR2488 / NUR 2488 Exam 1 (Latest 2021 / 2022): Mental Health Nursing - Rasmussen College | Qwivy
NUR2488 / NUR 2488 Exam 1 (Latest 2021 / 2022): Mental Health Nursing - Rasmussen College | Qwivy

NUR 2488 Mental Health Nursing

Mental Health Exam 1

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A nurse is caring for a client who smokes and has lung cancer. The client reports, "I'm

coughing because I have that cold that everyone has been getting." The nurse should

identify that the client is using which defense mechanism?

- Denial

What are the essential conditions for relationship establishment?

- 1. Rapport

- 2. Trust

- 3. Respect

- 4. Genuineness

- 5. Empathy


- Getting acquainted is a primary task n relationship development. A non -

judgmental approach is taken.


- The nurse must possess a sense of self-confidence. A sense of warmth and

caring is conveyed to the client. Be honest and keep promises.


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- To show respect is to believe in the dignity and worth of an individual

regardless of unacceptable behavior. 


- This refers to the nurse's ability to be open, honest, and "real" when

interacting with a client.


- Understanding from the client's point of view, but remaining emotionally

separate is necessary.

Therapeutic Relationship steps:

- 1. Pre-interaction

- 2. Orientation

- 3. Working

- 4. Termination


- Obtaining information about the client

Examining one's feelings


- Introduction


- Promote client insight and perception of reality

- Problem-solving

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- Evaluate progress toward established goals

Termination phase

- Conclusion to the relationship 

The mental health assessment includes:

- Mental health status

General description:

1. Appearance

2. Motor activity

3. Speech patterns

4. Attitude

5. Emotions

6. Affect

7. Thought process

8. Cognitive ability. 

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