Gizmos Student Exploration| Magnetism Answer Key| Grade A+

Directions: Follow the instructions to go through the simulation. Respond to the questions and

prompts in the orange boxes.

Vocabulary: attract, bar magnet, ferromagnetic, magnetize, north pole, repel, south pole

Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.)

1. What happens when you place two magnets close together?

2. What objects do magnets stick to? Make a list.

3. What do these objects have in common?

Gizmo Warm-up: What is attracted to magnets?

A bar magnet is a simple rectangular magnet. If you hang a bar

magnet by a string, the north pole (N) of the magnet will tend to

point north while the south pole (S) of the magnet points south.

1. Look at the materials at the bottom of the Gizmo. Which ones do

you think will stick to a bar magnet?

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