Women's Gynecologic Health 3rd Edition Test Bank (Graded A+)
Women's Gynecologic Health 3rd Edition Test Bank (Graded A+)

CHAPTER 1 QUESTIONS MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTIONS Select the one correct answer to each of the following questions. 1. Which of the following best defines the term “gender” as used in this text? a. A person’s sex b. A person’s sex as defined by society c. A societal response to a person’s self-representation as a man or woman d. A person’s biological presentation as defined by himself or herself 2. Which factor bears most on women’s health care today? a. The complexity of women’s health b. Women’s status and position in society c. Population growth d. The economy 3. Why is acknowledging the oppression of women more difficult within Western societies? a. The multiplicity of minority groups complicates the issue. b. The availability of health care makes acknowledgment more difficult. c. The diversity of the news media clouds the issue. d. Affluence and increased opportunities mask oppression. 4. Which of the following most accurately defines “oppression” as used in the text? a. Not having a choice b. Not having a voice c. An act of tyranny d. A feeling of being burdened 5. In what way does a model of care based on a feminist perspective contrast sharply with a biomedical model? a. It provides a forum for the exploration of gender issues.

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