Indiana Cosmetology State Board Test Study Guide

Indiana Cosmetology State Board Test

Study Guide (verified)

Do not massage or manipulate a client's scalp if you detect the presence of - ✔✔Abrasions

A kneading movement that is performed by lifting, squeezing, and pressing tissue with light, firm

pressure is: - ✔✔Petrissage

The infestation of the hair and scalp with head lice is known as: - ✔✔Pediculosis Capitis

An acute staphylococci infection of a hair follicle that produces constant pain is: - ✔✔Furuncle

A disease that is transmitted from one person to another is: - ✔✔Communicable

Implements requiring disinfection should be places in a covered container large enough for implements

to be: - ✔✔Completely immersed

Any client with an infectious disease should not be serviced and should be referred to a: - ✔✔Physician

Chemical products that destroy all bacteria, fungi, and viruses (but not spores) on surfaces are: -


The federal agency that requires that the ingredients of cosmetic preparations be available to

employees is: - ✔✔OSHA

If you draw blood during a manicure, the implement should be: - ✔✔Cleaned and disinfected

The product information on safe-handling guidelines, first aid, and proper storage is contained in: -

✔✔Material Safety Data Sheets

A substance that is particularly good conductor of electricity is: - ✔✔Copper

The conversation where the practitioner finds out what the client is looking for is the: - ✔✔Client


Elevation creates graduation and layers and is usually described in - ✔✔Degrees

The angle at which the fingers are held when cutting is referred to as the: - ✔✔Cutting line

The process of removing excess bulk without shortening hair length is: - ✔✔Texturizing

Curved lines that are used to blend and soften horizontal or vertical lines are: - ✔✔Transitional lines

The lines used to remove weight to create graduated or layered haircuts: - ✔✔Vertical

The guideline where a small slice of a previous subsection is move to the next position and becomes the

new guideline is a: - ✔✔Traveling Guide

A texturizing technique performed on the ends of hair using the tips of the shears remove bulk is: -

✔✔Point Cutting

The lines used to remove weight to create graduated or layered haircuts are: - ✔✔Vertical

Thinning hair using a sliding movement, with the blades of the shears partially opened, in order to

reduce volume and create movement is: - ✔✔Slithering

How many members of the Indiana State Board of Cosmetology may be of the same political party? -


A cosmetology license is valid for how many years? - ✔✔Four

Combs, brushes, rollers and any other implement used to serve the needs of clients should be stored in

what type of container? - ✔✔In a clean and closed container

What is the State Board of Cosmetology required to furnish each person licensed to operate a

cosmetology school or salon? - ✔✔A list of sanitary requirements

When must a cosmetology patron wear a clean towel or neck strip under their cape? - ✔✔Always

A waste container must be present for every __________ work stations. - ✔✔Four

Where should sanitary requirements be posted? - ✔✔In a conspicuous place

Where must soiled towels be stored? - ✔✔In a closed hamper

Colors that can look deeper than their actual level are: - ✔✔Cool tones

All hair coloring products require a patch test with the exception of: - ✔✔Temporary colors

The process where the hair is pre lightened and then toned is: - ✔✔Double-process color application

A color obtained by mixing equal parts of two primary colors is a: - ✔✔Secondary color

Overlapping hair color on previously tinted hair can cause breakage and a visible line of: -


What is used to restore the hair and scalp to their normal acidic pH? - ✔✔Normalizing lotion

When processing is complete for a soft curl permanent, what is done after rising the hair thoroughly

with warm water? - ✔✔Each curl is towel-blotted

Sodium Hydroxide relaxers are commonly called: - ✔✔Lye relaxers

Relaxers, which are ionic compounds formed by a metal combined with oxygen and hydrogen, are

known as: - ✔✔Metal Hydroxide relaxers

After saturating the rods with neutralizer in a soft curl perm and processing according to directions, the

next step is to: - ✔✔Remove rods carefully

What is one safety precaution that must be followed with all chemical hair relaxing services? -

✔✔Wearing protective gloves

The combination of a thio permanent wrapped on large tools is called a: - ✔✔Soft curl permanent

To check relaxer processing, smooth and press a strand to the scalp using the back of the comb or your

finger. If the curl returns, _____________________ - ✔✔Continue processing

When performing a sodium hydroxide retouch, where is the product applied first? - ✔✔To the new

growth only

The most commonly used methods of hair relaxing are the sodium hydroxide method and the

_______________ method - ✔✔Thio

When the hair has been sufficiently straightened, the hair is rinsed rapidly and thoroughly with

______________ water - ✔✔Warm

Inspecting the action of the relaxer by stretching the strands to see how fast the natural curls are being

removed is called: - ✔✔Periodic strand testing

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