2022 - 2023 HESI OB Maternity Version 1 (V1) Exit Exam Questions & Answers

2022 - 2023 HESI OB Maternity Version 1 (V1) Exit Exam Questions & Answers

2022 - 2023 HESI OB Maternity Version 1

(V1) Exit Exam Questions & Answers

Client teaching is an important part of the maternity nurse's role. Which factor has the

greatest influence on successful teaching of the gravid client?

- A. The client's readiness to learn

A 38-week primagravida who works as a secretary and sits at a computer 8 hours a

day tells the nurse that her feet have begun to swell. Which instruction would be most

effective in preventing pooling of blood in the lower extremities?

- C. Move about every hour

During a prenatal visit, the nurse discusses with a client the effects of smoking on the

fetus. When compared with nonsmokers, mothers who smoke during pregnancy tend

to produce infants who have

- B. lower birth weights

A 26-year-old, gravida 2, para 1 client is admitted to the hospital at 28-weeks

gestation in preterm labor. She is given 3 doses of terbutaline sulfate (Brethine) 0.25

mg subcutaneously to stop her labor contractions. The nurse plans to monitor for

which primary side effect of terbutaline sulfate?

- C. Tachycardia and a feeling of nervousness

A mother who is breastfeeding her baby receives instructions from the nurse. Which

instruction is most effective to prevent nipple soreness?

- C. correctly place the infant on the breast

A full term infant is transferred to the nursery from L & D. Which information is

most important for the nurse to receive when planning immediate care for the


- B. Infant's condition at birth and treatment received.

In developing a teaching plan for expectant parents, the nurse plans to include

information about when the parents can expect the infant's fontanels to close. The

nurse bases the explanation on knowledge that for the normal newborn, the

- D. anterior fontanel closes at 12-18 mos and the posterior fontanel by the end of the

second month.

When assessing a client who is 12-weeks gestation, the nurse recommends the she

and her husband consider attending childbirth preparation classes.

What is the best time for the couple to attend these classes?

- D. At 30 weeks gestation.

The nurse should encourage the laboring client to begin pushing when

- C. the cervix is completely dilated

The nurse is counseling a couple who has sought information about conceiving. For

teaching purposes, the nurse should know that ovulation usually occurs

- A. two weeks before menstruation.

The nurse instructs a laboring client to use accelerated-blow breathing. The client

begins to complain of tingling fingers and dizziness. What action should the nurse


- C. have the client breath into her cupped hands

When preparing a newborn care for expectant parents, what content should the nurse

teach concerning the newborn infant born at term gestation?

- C. Vernix is a white, cheesy substance, predominately located in the skin folds.

Twenty-four hours after admission to the newborn nursery, a full-term male infant

develops localized edema on the right side of his head. The nurse knows that, in the

newborn, an accumulation of blood between the periosteum and skull which does not

cross the suture line is a newborn variation known as

- A. a cephalhematoma, caused by forceps trauma and may last up to 8 weeks.

An expectant father tells the nurse he fears that his wife "is losing her mind". He

states she is constantly rubbing her abdomen and talking to the baby and that she

actually reprimands the baby when it moves too much. What recommendation should

the nurse make to the expectant father?

- D. Let him know that these behaviors are part of normal maternal/fetal bonding

which occurs once the mother feels fetal movement.

A new mother asks the nurse, "How do I know my daughter is getting enough breast

milk? Which explanation will the nurse provide?

- B. "your milk is sufficient if the baby is voiding pale straw-colored urine 6-10 times

a day.

A new mother who has just had her first baby says to the nurse, "I saw the baby in the

recovery room. She has a funny looking head". Which response by the nurse is the


- C. That is normal, the head will return to a round shape within 7-10 days

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