GIZMOs - Collision Theory: Answer key 2020 [SCORED A]


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Student Exploration: Collision Theory

Vocabulary: activated complex, catalyst, chemical reaction, concentration, enzyme, half-life,

molecule, product, reactant, surface area

Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.)

1. Suppose you added a spoonful of sugar to hot water and another to ice-cold water. Which

type of water will cause the sugar to dissolve more quickly? _________________________

2. Suppose you held a lighted match to a solid hunk of wood and another match to a pile of

wood shavings. Which form of wood will catch fire more easily? ______________________

Gizmo Warm-up

A chemical reaction causes the chemical compositions of

substances to change. Reactants are substances that enter

into a reaction, and products are substances produced by

the reaction. The Collision Theory Gizmo allows you to

experiment with several factors that affect the rate at

which reactants are transformed into products in a

chemical reaction.

You will need blue, green, and orange markers or colored

pencils for the first part of this activity.

1. Look at the key at the bottom of the SIMULATION pane. In the space below, draw the two

reactants and two products of this chemical reaction.

Reactants: Products:

2. Click Play ( ). What do you see?




The hot water

The shavings



 Reactant A bounces around bumping into

Reactant B which is on the right side vibrating against the side. When Reactant

A succeeds in breaking the bonds of Reactant B the orange substance on

Reactant B breaks off and bonds with Reactant A forming Product B, leaving the

two green substance molecules which are Product A

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