Portage Learning / BIOD 171 Microbiology exam with answers Latest

Portage Learning / BIOD 171Microbiology exam with answers [2022]

1. A virus is classified as a microbe.True. Although viruses are not living and as such are not

considered microorganisms, they can, however, be classified as microbes, a more general

term that includes microorganisms and viruses.

2. True or False: The smallest biological unit of life is the molecule.False. The smallest biological

unit of life is the cell.

3. What are the 4 main types of macromolecules found in cells?Proteins, Lipids, Nucleic acids

and Polysaccharide

1. Proteins are formed from various combinations of of which there are known

forms.Amino acids, 20

2. How many amino acids are classified as being essential amino acids?9

1. What are the two major types of nucleic acids and their roles?There are two major types of

nucleic acids: DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid). Nucleic acids are

chemical molecules that carry genetic information within the cell. DNA contains a vast

amount of hereditary information and is responsible for the inheritable characteristics of

living organisms. RNA is responsible for deciphering the hereditary information in DNA and

using it to synthesize proteins.

1. Complete the following RNA strand and indicate how many bonds are formed for each

complementary pair:


5’ CC AGC 3’



There are 2 bonds formed between A and U, and 3 bonds between G and C.

1. The plasma membrane (select all that are true):BD

A. Only restricts movement of materials into the cell

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Portage Learning / BIOD 171Microbiology exam with answers [Year]

B. Is often a bilayer comprised of lipids

C. Cannot prevent essential nutrients from escaping

D. Contains hydrophobic tails pointing inward

2. Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms come together to form what primary macromolecule? Give

an example.Polysaccharides. Glucose, sucrose and cellulose are all acceptable answers.

True of False: The genetic material within a prokaryotic cell is contained within a membraneenclosed region.False. Only eukaryotic cells contain its genetic material within a nucleus

True or False: Prokaryotic cells can be subdivided into Bacteria and Archaea.True

Describe the 4 basic bacterial morphologies.Coccus (round/spherical), bacillus (rod), vibrio

(curved rod) or spirillum (spiral/corkscrew).

True or False: Archaea is noted for its ability to survive under harsh conditions.True. Archaea can

often be found in harsh conditions such as high salt levels, high acid conditions, high

temperatures and even oxygen-poor conditions.

1. Animalia, Plantae, Fungi and Protista are all classification under what type of organism?B

A. Bacteria

B. Eukarya

C. Archaea

D. Virus

2. All multicellular microorganisms classified as Animalia are autotropic.False—they are


3. Microorganisms classified as obtain most of their energy by converting light energy

into chemical energy.Plantae

1. A defining characteristic of fungi is the presence of chitin in the cell walls. Which of following also

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Portage Learning / BIOD 171Microbiology exam with answers [Year]

contain chitin? Select all that apply.ACD

A. Mushrooms

B. Bacteria

C. Yeast

D. Molds

2. True or False: A defining characteristic of Protista is the inability of colonies to form tissue


1. Cell walls are found in which of the following (select all that apply):A, B, C, E

A. Plants

B. Fungi

C. Bacteria

D. Mammalian cells

E. Algae

2. The function of the ribosome is (select all that apply):B

A. Lipid synthesis

B. Protein synthesis

C. To produce energy (ATP)

D. Protein modification and distribution

E. Waste disposal via hydrolytic enzymes

1. True or False: Metabolism is a controlled set of biochemical reactions that occur in living

organisms in order to maintain life.True.

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