Test Bank for Community Health Nursing A Canadian Perspective 5th Edition by Stamler

Test Item File for Community Health Nursing: A Canadian Perspective, Fifth Edition 1-1

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Chapter 1: The History of Community Health Nursing in Canada

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who would a district or visiting nurse most likely work with in the early 1900s in


a. Families who could afford to pay

b. Poor and destitute families

c. The community

d. School children

Correct Answer: b (page 6); Learning Outcome 1

2. Which community health nursing specialty emerged in early 20th-century Canada

to combat communicable disease, infant mortality, and childhood morbidity?

a. Visiting nursing

b. District nursing

c. Private duty nursing

d. Public health nursing

Correct Answer: d (page 5); Learning Outcome 2

3. In the early 20th century, most nurses were self-employed as private-duty

nurses. Which statement below characterizes the social attitude of the era?

a. Public health was the responsibility of doctors

b. Visiting nurses were responsible for community health

c. The state was not responsible for health care

d. Women should not be working outside of the family

Correct Answer: c (page 4); Learning Outcomes 1 & 2

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Test Item File for Community Health Nursing: A Canadian Perspective, Fifth Edition 1-2

Copyright © 2020 Pearson Canada Inc.

4. What was the primary reason for the establishment of school health programs?

a. Prevent ill children from becoming dependent citizens

b. Promote the health of all children

c. Provide food for children who lived in poverty

d. Treat sick children so they could work and contribute to the family income

Correct Answer: b (page 5); Learning Outcomes 3 & 4

5. The earliest forms for healthcare in Canada were:

a. The practices of Indigenous people

b. European settlers who were physicians

c. The wives of surgeons

d. The Grey Nuns

Correct Answer: a (page 2); Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 4, & 5

6. ___________________ were Canada’s first community nursing order who made

significant contributions to promote health equity by providing access to health

services, food, shelter, and education for people rendered vulnerable:

a. The Victorian Order of Nurses

b. The Grey Nuns

c. Public Health Nurses

d. School Nurses

Correct Answer: b (page 3); Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3, & 4

7. The dual mandate of doing charitable work and providing affordable nursing care

to the working and middle class was held by which agency?

a. The Margaret Scott Nursing Mission

b. The Victorian Order of Nurses

c. Indian Health Services

d. Public Health Services

Correct Answer: b (page 4); Learning Outcomes 1, 2, & 3

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