NUR 2392 / NUR2392 : Multidimensional Care II / MDC 2 Exam 1 Study Guide / Rasmussen College ( 51 Q&A )

Factors that influence cancer growth - Exposure to the carcinogens (tobacco, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone drugs, pollution) Genetic predisposition Immunity 2. Factors that cause cancer - External - chemical, physical, viral Personal - immunity, age, genetic risk 3. Cancer is - Group of diseases characterized by abnormal growth and spread of cells Abnormal and uncontrolled cell division 4. Biochemical research - Identify prevention Screening Treatments (Chemo and radiation) Management of symptoms 5. Individual Risk Factors - Smoking Poor nutrition Excess weight Sedentary lifestyle Exposure to environmental carcinogens such as sunlight; pollutants in the air, soil, water, or food; or medical treatments such as medications or radiation Genetics 6. Normal - Changes is characteristic result in benign and malignant changes 7. Benign characteristics - not cancerous, does not spread to other parts of body tissue of origin + -oma (-oma means tumor in Greek) e.g. adenomas (gland + tumor) grow locally; causes pressure on vital organs (obstruction, pain, seizures or overproduction of hormones 8. Malignant characteristics - Invade, destroy tissues and spread to other parts of body connective tissue origin name + sarcoma. E.g., osteosarcoma Epithelial tissue origin name + carcinoma. E.g., squamous cell carcinoma Metastasis Angiogenesis 9. Sentinel lymph node - the first lymph node to which cancer cells are most likely to spread from a primary tumor 10. SLNB procedure - the sentinel lymph noted is iden

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