AQA_A Level Business Studies Paper 2 Marking Scheme_2020
AQA_A Level Business Studies Paper 2 Marking Scheme_2020

AQA_A Level Business Studies Paper 2 Marking Scheme_2020





Mark scheme

June 2020

Version: 1.0 Final Mark Scheme


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JUNE 2020


Mark schemes are prepared by the Lead Assessment Writer and considered, together with

the relevant questions, by a panel of subject teachers. This mark scheme includes any

amendments made at the standardisation events which all associates participate in and is

the scheme which was used by them in this examination. The standardisation process

ensures that the mark scheme covers the students’ responses to questions and that every

associate understands and applies it in the same correct way.

As preparation for standardisation each associate analyses a number of students’ scripts.

Alternative answers not already covered by the mark scheme are discussed and legislated

for. If, after the standardisation process, associates encounter unusual answers which have

not been raised they are required to refer these to the Lead Examiner.

It must be stressed that a mark scheme is a working document, in many cases further

developed and expanded on the basis of students’ reactions to a particular paper.

Assumptions about future mark schemes on the basis of one year’s document should be

avoided; whilst the guiding principles of assessment remain constant, details will change,

depending on the content of a particular examination paper.

Further copies of this mark scheme are available from

Copyright information

AQA retains the copyright on all its publications. However, registered schools/colleges for AQA are permitted to copy material from this

booklet for their own internal use, with the following important exception: AQA cannot give permission to schools/colleges to photocopy

any material that is acknowledged to a third party even for internal use within the centre.

Copyright © 2020 AQA and its licensors. All rights reserved.

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JUNE 2020


Level of response marking instructions

Level of response mark schemes are broken down into levels, each of which has a descriptor.

The descriptor for the level shows the average performance for the level. There are marks in

each level.

Before you apply the mark scheme to a student’s answer read through the answer and

annotate it (as instructed) to show the qualities that are being looked for. You can then

apply the mark scheme.

Step 1 Determine a level

Start at the lowest level of the mark scheme and use it as a ladder to see whether the

answer meets the descriptor for that level. The descriptor for the level indicates the

different qualities that might be seen in the student’s answer for that level. If it meets the

lowest level then go to the next one and decide if it meets this level, and so on, until you

have a match between the level descriptor and the answer. With practice and familiarity

you will find that for better answers you will be able to quickly skip through the lower levels

of the mark scheme.

When assigning a level you should look at the overall quality of the answer and not look to

pick holes in small and specific parts of the answer where the student has not performed

quite as well as the rest. If the answer covers different aspects of different levels of the

mark scheme you should use a best fit approach for defining the level and then use the

variability of the response to help decide the mark within the level, ie if the response is

predominantly level 3 with a small amount of level 4 material it would be placed in level 3

but be awarded a mark near the top of the level because of the level 4 content.

Step 2 Determine a mark

Once you have assigned a level you need to decide on the mark. The descriptors on how to

allocate marks can help with this. The exemplar materials used during standardisation will

help. There will be an answer in the standardising materials which will correspond with

each level of the mark scheme. This answer will have been awarded a mark by the Lead

Examiner. You can compare the student’s answer with the example to determine if it is the

same standard, better or worse than the example. You can then use this to allocate a mark

for the answer based on the Lead Examiner’s mark on the example.

You may well need to read back through the answer as you apply the mark scheme to

clarify points and assure yourself that the level and the mark are appropriate.

Indicative content in the mark scheme is provided as a guide for examiners. It is not

intended to be exhaustive and you must credit other valid points. Students do not

have to cover all of the points mentioned in the Indicative content to reach the

highest level of the mark scheme.

An answer which contains nothing of relevance to the question must be awarded no marks.

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