BIOL 235 Midterm 2 (version A) exam study guide solution Athabasca Universities

 BIOL 235 Midterm 2 (version A) exam study guide solution Athabasca Universities

 1.Biceps Brachii Insertion:

a. Radial tuberosity of radius and bicipital aponeurosis.

2. Triceps Brachii Insertion:

a. Olecranon of ulna

3. Descriptive word for size of muscle (pg 334)

4. Muscle that flexes the thigh (pg 380)

a. Illiopsoas

i. Psoas Major

ii. Illiacus

b. Tensor Fasciae Latae

c. Quadriceps Femoris

i. Rectus Femoris

ii. Vastus lateralis

iii. Vastus Medialus

iv. Vastus intermedius

5. Something Not true about ANS

a. Sensory Input

i. Mainly interoceptors, some somatic senses and special senses

b. Control of Motor Input

i. Involuntary control from hypothalamus, imbic system, brain stem,

and spinal cord; limited control from cerebral cortex

c. Motor Neuron Pathway

i. Usually 2 neuron pathway

1. Preganglion neurons extending from CNS, synapse with

postganglion neurons in the autonomic ganglion

2. Postganglion neurons extending from ganglion synapse with

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visceral effector

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9. Neurons only found in cerebellum pg (405)

o Purkinje Cells

3. Preganglion neurons may extend from CNS to synapse

with chromaffin cells of adrenal medullae

d. Neurotransmitter and Hormones:

i. All sympathetic and parasympathetic neurons release ACh

ii. Sympathetic postganglionic neurons release norepinephrine

iii. All parasympathetic postganglionic neurons release Ach

iv. Chromafin cells of adrenal medullae release epinephrine

and norepinephrine

e. Effectors

i. Smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, glands

f. Responses

i. Contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle; increase and decrease rate

of contraction of cardiac muscle; increase and decrease of gland secretion

6. Site of Protein Synthesis in Neuron (pg 402)

a. Nissl bodies (Ribosomes)

7. What is not true about Neurons –

a. ANSWER IS They have a lot of axons

8. Trigger zones on neurons (pg 402-405)

In most neurons, nerve impulses arise at the junction of the axon hillock and the initial segment, an area

called the trigger zone, from which they travel along the axon to their destination.

10. What maintains the myelin sheath (pg 407)

Oligodendrocytes - These resemble astrocytes but are smaller and contain fewer processes. Processes of

oligodendrocytes are responsible for forming and maintaining the myelin sheath around CNS axons.

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