Community Acquired Pneumonia Shadow Health (Anita Douglas)- Medication

8/28/2019 Focused Exam: Community-Acquired Pneumonia | Completed | Shadow


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Combined total

points 9 out of 9 points

Total points per

column + 9 points


Focused Exam: Community-Acquired Pneumonia Results | Completed

Advanced Pharmacology - Summer 2019

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Medication Selection Score: 9 out of 9 points

This activity represents how well you were able to synthesize subjective data, objective data, guidelines, interactions,

and contraindications to select the most effective medications(s) for the patient's problems

Community-Acquired Pneumonia


Selected doxycycline

Points Earned ✓ + 9 points ✓ ✓

Rationale 

Good job! doxycycline is a

correct choice for Anita's


pneumonia; it is a first-choice

treatment option and does not

interact dangerously with

Anita's pre-existing health

conditions or home

medications. There is a very

low rate of local antibiotic

resistance to doxycycline.



Subjective Data Collection

Objective Data Collection

Education & Empathy



Medication Selection

Patient Teaching

Prescription Writing

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