ATI Pharmacology Proctored Exam Latest 2020/2021

A nurse in a provider’s office is preparing to teach a middle adult client who has a

new diagnosis of metabolic syndrome an Hba1c of 6.5%. Which of the following

medications should the nurse plan to teach the client about first?


A nurse is reviewing a client’s laboratory results before administering furosemide

40mg IB bolus. For which of the following values should the nurse withhold the

medication and contact the provider?


A nurse is preparing to administer the initial dose of penicillin G IM to a client. The

nurse should monitor for which of the following as an indication of an allergic

reaction following the injection?


A nurse in an emergency department is caring for a client who has heroin toxicity. The client is

unresponsive with pinpoint pupils and a respiratory rate of 6/min. Which of the following

medications should the nurse plan to administer?

B. Naloxone

A nurse is reviewing the medication list of a client who wants to begin taking oral

contraceptives. The nurse should identify that which of the following client medications will

interfere with the effectiveness of oral contraceptives?

A. Carbamazepine

A nurse is assessing a client's vital signs prior to the administration of PO digoxin. The client's

BP is 144/86 mm Hg, heart rate 55/min, and respiratory rate is 20/min. The nurse should

withhold the medication and contact the provider for which of the following findings?

C. Heart Rate

A nurse at a clinic is providing follow-up care to a client who is taking fluoxetine for depression.

Which of the following findings should the nurse identify as an adverse effect of the medication?

B. Sexual dysfunction

A nurse is teaching a client about warfarin. The client asks if they can take aspirin while taking

the warfarin. Which of the following responses should the nurse make?

B. "Aspirin will increase the risk of bleeding."

A nurse is assessing a client who is postoperative following an outpatient endoscopy procedure

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