NUR 513 Topic 2 Assignment: Nursing Roles Graphic Organizer

Chart Notes:

NUR 531 Week 2 Assignment

Nursing Roles Graphic Organizer


Ethics for RN Educator:

Professionalism, Justice, Equality, Fidelity, Non-Maleficence,

Ethics for NP:

Professionalism, Justice, Equality, Fidelity, Non-Maleficence, to provide and advocate for safe and

quality of care for all patients and communities

Similarities and Differences:

Different: NP’s can be primary care providers or specialize in certain areas, such as gerontology,

emergency medicine (APCCRN), and so on

Nurse educators can still remain at the bedside performing patient care to retain skills


Common goal to continue to administer high quality of care to patients, render care that benefits the

patient and returns them to their baseline, if possible

Nurse practitioners and nurse administrators have a lot in common. They are both registered nurses;

they may hold similar degrees, and, ultimately, they each want better health outcomes. The critical

difference, however, is in specialization. Nurse practitioners focus on the health of their patients, and

nurse educators focus on their medical facilities staff.

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