Level G - Loyalty Is Everything Reading Plus Answers 2021

Level G - Loyalty Is Everything Reading Plus Answers 1. This story is mainly about
the true meaning of friendship. 2. The excerpt shows that Olivia' s troubles at school are probably caused by
her own feelings of insecurity. 3. In the beginning of the story, Olivia feels her parents
do not pay enough attention to her. 4. What do Adam's actions tell about his character?
He would rather be popular than a true friend. 5. The author mentions that Olivia changed her style of dress to show that
Olivia did not want to stand out and become a target for mean comments. 6. How does this excerpt show a change in Olivia as the story moves forward?
Olivia recognizes something she likes about her brother. 7. Which sentence supports Olivia's change of heart about her brother?
She spends time with her brother rather than on a social network. 8. In this excerpt, the author creates a mood of
fear and confusion. 9. What is the most important thing Olivia learned about her mom? 
Olivia's mom had the same loyalty to her as she did to Lucas. 10. Why does Olivia think a dog would be a good pet for Lucas?
It would cure his fear of dogs.

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