Fundamental PN Hesi Specialty (2 Versions)Fundamental PN Hesi Specialty (2 Versions)

2017 Fundamental PN Hesi Specialty V1 1) A client who is in hospice care complains of increasing amounts of pain. The healthcare provider prescribes an analgesic every four hours as needed. Which action should the LPN/LVN implement? A. Give an around-the-clock schedule for administration of analgesics. B. Administer analgesic medication as needed when the pain is severe. C. Provide medication to keep the client sedated and unaware of stimuli. D. Offer a medication-free period so that the client can do daily activities. Correct Answer: A 2) When assessing a client with wrist restraints, the nurse observes that the fingers on the right hand are blue. What action should the LPN implement first? A. Loosen the right wrist restraint. B. Apply a pulse oximeter to the right hand. C. Compare hand color bilaterally. D. Palpate the right radial pulse. Correct Answer: A 3) The LPN/LVN is assessing the nutritional status of several clients. Which client has the greatest nutritional need for additional intake of protein? A. A college-age track runner with a sprained ankle. B. A lactating woman nursing her 3-day-old infant. C. A school-aged child with Type 2 diabetes. D. An elderly man being treated for a peptic ulcer. Correct Answer: B

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