Safe 5.0 Scrum Master 44 exam Questions and Answers

Safe 5.0 Scrum Master 44 exam Questions with 100%

correct answers

Why is it important for the Scrum Master to help the team focus on daily and Iteration


A. To keep the Team Backlog to a manageable size

B. To eliminate impediments

C. To help the team maintain their velocity

D. To facilitate the team's progress towards the current PI Objectives -Answer- D

Facilitates the team's progress toward team goals - The Scrum Master is trained as a

team facilitator and is continuously engaged in challenging the old norms of

development to improve performance in the areas of quality, predictability, flow, and

velocity. They help the team focus on daily and Iteration Goals in the context of the

current Program Increment (PI) Objectives.


How often should a system demo occur?

A. After the end of each program increment (PI)

B. After every release

C. After every iteration

D. After every other iteration -Answer- B

At the end of the first Iteration, the team finishes User Stories A, B, and 50% of C. The

Story sizes are set at these points:

- Story A = 8 points

- Story B = 1 point

- Story C = 5 points

- Story D = 3 points

What is the team's velocity?

A. 9

B. 11.5

C. 14

D. 7 -Answer- 9

"Velocity is a measure of the amount of work a Team can tackle during a single Sprint

and is the key metric in Scrum. Velocity is calculated at the end of the Sprint by totaling

the Points for all fully completed User Stories."

What falls outside the Scrum Master's responsibility? (Choose two.)

A. Estimating Stories for the team

B. Facilitating backlog refinement

C. Assigning Stories to team members

D. Facilitating the team's Innovation and Planning event

E. Coaching the team -Answer- A&C

The Scrum Master is what above all else?

A. A servant leader

B. A team coach

C. An event facilitator

D. The iteration owner -Answer- A

The SAFe Scrum Master role includes responsibilities to which other group?

A. Business owners

B. Solution Management

C. Solution Train Engineers

D. The other Agile Teams on the Agile release train (ART) -Answer- D

When is a Feature hypothesis fully evaluated?

A. When the Feature's return on investment has been realized

B. When the Customer uses the Feature in production

C. When the Feature is accepted by Product Management

D. When the Feature has been deployed to production -Answer- B

What are two common anti-patterns during program increment (PI) planning? (Choose


A. Pressure is put on teams to overcommit

B. A detailed plan becomes the goal rather than alignment

C. Alignment becomes the goal rather than a detailed plan

D. The innovation and planning (IP) iteration is left empty of planned work

E. The team determines their own capacity and load -Answer- A&B

Which team dysfunction does SAFe help address with the help of Business Owners?

A. Missed timeboxes

B. Lack of visibility

C. Lack of transparency

D. Avoidance of accountability -Answer- D

The goal of Lean is to deliver the maximum Customer value in the shortest sustainable

lead time while providing what else?

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