SAFE 5 RTE exam

SAFE 5 RTE exam


1. What is an effective method for finding the root cause of a problem?

Engage Business Owners

Perform a 5 Whys on the problem

Conduct empathy interviews

Perform a Team Retrospective

2. Why would an RTE use an Iteration and PI Calendar?

To provide teams and leadership with status updates

To help Business Owners remember program milestones

To manage and optimize the flow of communications

To visualize the Agile Release Train's cadence and synchronization

3. What action does an RTE take prior to an upcoming PI Planning meeting?

Allocate time in the Scrum of Scrums meeting for Product Management to socialize with the

teams the upcoming features for the upcoming PI

Ensure at least 30% of the Program Backlog is allocated to feature enablers

Facilitate Product Management and other stakeholders in prioritization of the Program backlog

Provide approval and sign-off for draft team backlogs

4. How can an RTE foster motivation?

Support a team member when voicing their point of view

Expedite participation and decisions from senior management on teams' frequent and time-critical


Be responsible for formulating the decisions for disputes between teams

Clarify communication protocol across functional boundaries

Create an environment of mutual influence

5. Who are the two primary partners with the RTE to drive the Agile Release Train?

(Choose two.)

Product Owners

System Architects/Engineers

Business Owners

Product Management

Epic Owners

6. At the end of day two of the PI Planning event, the team's final plan review

consists of which three deliverables? (Choose three.)

Final PI Objectives with Business Value

Changes to capacity and load estimates

Program Risks and Impediments

Capacity allocation

Final estimates

Team Iteration plans

7. When gathering the information needed for the Program Predictability Measure,

the RTE meets resistance from teams that the business value does not reflect the

real effort and progress made during the PI.

What are two considerations the RTE should make when coaching the team to

give them a better feeling on what they have actually created? (Choose two.)

Illustrate the linkage between business values and the market communications/release objectives

tied to the three to six month enterprise strategy

Publish the team business values and coach teams that these values are for tracking each Agile

Release Train deliverable

Coach the Business Owner's review of objectives to see that scoring is against acceptance criteria

negotiated with the team during PI Planning

Educate teams that business value provides the enterprise with a metric of how fast the team

executed work during the PI

Work with the team to ensure they are actively involved when the Business Owners rate the

business value achieved

8. What are two main reasons why the Program Predictability Measure is

important? (Choose two.)

It allows the business and other stakeholders to plan effectively

It indicates whether the Solution is ready to be released

It focuses the Agile Release Train on predictable value delivery

It demonstrates the need to fix the scope at the beginning of the Program Increment (PI)

It identifies under-performing teams

9. What can occur as a result of not performing an IP iteration?

Responsibilities are unclear, resulting in delayed decision-making

No time for the teams to plan, demo, or improve together

Conflict and disagreement on processes and practices are difficult to resolve

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