Community Health HESI Latest July 2020 - 2 Versions (only slight variations in questions)

Community HESI July 2020 - 2 Versions (only slight variations in questions)

1. 1. The public health nurse is creating a plan to increase state funding for a local health clinic. Which

strategy is likely to be most effective in obtaining funding for the clinic? Organize concerned citizens to

write letters and telephone state representatives

2. The nurse is caring for 4 clients in a women’s health clinic. Which client should the nurse assess for risk

of pelvic inflammatory disease? 20 year old with gonnorhea

3. A government office worker is seen in the EDafter opening an envelope containing a powder like

substance which is similar to anthrax. Which discharge instruction should the nurse provide the client

concerning inhalation anthrax? Return to emergency room if flu like symptoms develop within 42 hours

4. During home visit, the daughter of older adult tells nurse that she believes her mother should move in a

retirement community. The mother states that though she needs assistance with meal prep, she is

more comfortable in her own home. Before interviewing, which client assessment is most important for

the nurse to complete? Functional ability

5. Which one is vertical transmission? The mother is breastfeeding the infant

6. On a day when temp is expected to drop below freezing during night, the nurse is asked to determine

which homeless adults are in most needed of the limited spaces. Which one is more important? An

older male who is malnourished

7. Client with history of COPD, being treated for pneumonia and is currently taken care of by husband.

Requires assistance when ambulating short distances, including bathroom. Which suggestion should

be given? Suggest obtaining a bedside commode

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8. A community group proposes building a new well-child clinic because this year’s demographics reflect

that a large percentage of the population is less than 19 years of age. Which question indicates that the

nurse understands the potential gaps in these data? What percentage of the population was under 19

years of age in each of the 5 previous years?

9. The community health nurse believes that immunixation rates in a lower- socioeconomic section of the

city are probably belowthe target set by state health department. What action should the nurse first take

to intervent with this health problem? Review current epidemiological population data that might

document a low immunixation rate

10. While screening all children in the 3rd grade for head lice, the school nurse observes that one girl has a

brownish thickening on her neck. Which action should the nurse take in response to this finding?

Advise the child’s parents to obtain medical evaluation of the child

11. Female student with ADHD report to school nurse that the student is having a difficult time each

morning until it is time for afternoon dose of medication. Which action should the nurse implement?

Determine if child is taking morning dose

12. Nurse is working in an area with a large Muslim community. It is important that the nurse understands

and observes which belief of the islamic faith? Nurse of same gender should provide care for the client

13. The nurse is documenting the medical history of a young adult male client who was recently diagnosed

with Type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM). He smokes 2 packs of cigarettes daily and his father died of a heart

attack at the age of 45. Which annual screening is most important for the nurse include? Hyperlipidemia

14. A nurse is planning a nutrition class for a group of senior citizens at a community center and wants to

emphasize the amount and types of fat in some foods versus others. What is the best teaching method

for the nurse to use? Determine foods most often eaten by this group and discuss the nutritional panel

of each product

15. A prescription for discharge is written for an elderly female client who has asked to be discharged to her

home. The client lives alone and is able to walk 10 to 15 feet with assistance. What action should the

nurse implement first? Meet with the case manager to plan a home safety evaluation

16. . A teenage boy with a history of recurring atopic dermatitis (eczema) tells the school nurse that he

wants to play high school football. Which action should the nurse take? Tell the teenager to shower with

a non-perfumed soaps immediately after practice

17. The home health nurse visits a young male client with AIDS who has Kaposi’s sarcoma and peripheral

neuropathies. His parents, who are the care-takers, tell the nurse that their son sleeps most of the

times. The nurse assess that the client is semi-conscious with stable vital signs, cries out in pain when

turned or moved, has a Duragesic pain patch in place, and skin lesions that are closed and dried.

Which intervention should the nurse implement? Discuss end-of-life decisions with the client’s parents

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