PICAT/ASVAB TEST QUESTIONS (193 Questions with 100% Correct Answers)


Which of these is the best explanation of how a smooth round stone became smooth?

>>>>It was in a stream for a long

When a lobster grows a claw to replace one that was lost, the process is called


Any astronomical body that revolves around a larger body is called >>>>a satellite.

In chemistry, to be classified as an organic substance, a substance must contain

>>>>Carbon atoms.

Which element does NOT contain any neutrons? >>>>hydrogen

The chemical formula of a compound describes the elements the compound contains

and the >>>>ratio of elements in the compound.

What is the symbol for the hydroxyl ion? >>>>Н30

Which of the following is a renewable resource? >>>>natural gas

How many atoms are in a single molecule of water (H20)? >>>>3

Regeneration in man is limited to >>>>healing of wounds.

When scientists measure a liquid's resistance to flow, they are measuring the liquid's


When sodium atoms form sodium ions, they >>>>lose electrons.

A perpetual-motion machine can never be built because it is not possible to eliminate


A human skin cell divides by >>>>mitosis.

The filament in an electric light bulb is made from >>>>tungsten.

Terry earns a $250 salary plus $5 per sale. How many sales must Terry make to earn

$765 altogether? >>>>103

Jerry walked a dog from 6:40 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. one day. If he was paid at the rate of $6

per hour, how much did he earn that day? >>>>$5.00

How many feet of chain fence are necessary to enclose a dog pen that is square and

has an area of 64 square feet? >>>>32

A woman is looking for a bigger square office. She finds an office twice the area of her

current office. If the perimeter of her current office is 88 feet, how many square feet is

the new office? >>>>968 sq ft

A train goes twice as fast downhill as it can go uphill, and 2/3 as fast uphill as it can go

on level ground. If it goes 120 miles per hour downhill, how long will it take to travel 45

miles on flat land? >>>>1/2 hour

ART 2 - Arithmetic Reasoning Each August, a restaurant's rent is adjusted to the costof-living index. The rent has been $1,550 a month, and the cost-of-living index for this

August was 3.7%. What is the new rent per month? >>>>$1,607.35

There are 9 red and 6 green marbles in a bag. A child reaches in the bag and randomly

takes one marble. What is the probability of that child getting a green marble? >>>>.66

The pet store had 6 puppies selling for $104 each and 12 kittens selling for $24 each.

Today, only 2 puppies and 8 kittens were left. In dollar terms, what was the ratio of

sales of puppies to kittens? >>>>13 to 3

Jamie just bought two boxes. The first box is square, with each side measuring 10 units,

and is 4 units high. The second box is rectangular and has twice the volume of the

square box. If the height of the second box is 5 units, and the width is 10 units, what is

the length of the second box? >>>>16 units

If the ratio of the sides of two squares is 3:1, what is the ratio of their perimeters?


If the perimeter of a square garden feet, what is the area of the garden? >>>>441 sq ft

The price of salmon at a fish market is $5.40 per pound. This is 150% of its cost at a

supermarket. How much would it cost per pound at the supermarket? >>>>$3.60

A printing press will print 6,000 copies in 20 minutes. second press can print 15,000

copies in 60 minutes. How many more copies per minute will the faster press print than

the slower press? >>>>50

If the population of a certain city increased 25% in two years, the new population was

what percent of the old? >>>>125%

Debra and Ian shared in a $1,000,000 estate. If lan received $125.000, and Debra the

rest, what fraction of the estate did Debra receive? >>>>7/8

Emphasize most neary means >>>>Accentuate

We will long remember our PERILOUS journey >>>>Hazardous

INEPT most nearly means >>>>Bungling

ADAGE most nearly means >>>>Proverb

ADMONITION most nearly means >>>>Warning

DECRY most nearly means >>>>Disparage

MORATORIUM most nearly means >>>>Suspension

CAJOLE most nearly means >>>>Wheedle

Most companies have a policy against NEPOTISM >>>>Hiring Relatives

CONTENTIOUS most nearly means >>>>Quarrelsome

UNPRETENTIOUS most nearly means >>>>Simple

BROACH most nearly means >>>>Mention

COMMUNIQUE most nearly means >>>>Message

VIRULENT most nearly means >>>>Abrasive

LAMBASTE most nearly means >>>>Chastise

What are the two main gases that make up stars? >>>>Hydrogen and helium

Together, two people earn $28,000. One earns $2,000 more than the other. How much

is the smaller income? >>>>$13,000

Shawn purchased a shirt for $22.05 If this includes a 5% sales tax, what was the actual

price of the shirt? >>>>$20.95

PRESTIGE most nearly means >>>>Status

CONSTRUE most nearly means >>>>Interpret

Roosevelt made conscious use of the media almost from the moment he entered the

White House. His press conferences served writers, and through them the nation, about

the complex, novel measures he was advocating. It can be inferred from the passage

that Roosevelt >>>>was a president who recognized the power of the press.

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