DANB RHS Exam study questions with COMPLETE SOLUTION | 150 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

DANB RHS Exam study questions with COMPLETE SOLUTION | 150 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

DANB RHS Exam study questions

Why do we take x rays? - ✔✔To determine the dental health status of a patient beyond the oral


Periapical (PA) - ✔✔The tissues surrounding the apex of the root of a tooth.

Who benefits from dental xrays? - ✔✔Patient, Practice, Insurance.

What is the primary benefit of an xray? - ✔✔To detect disease.

Decay is the most common reason, Periodontal disease is the second most common reason.

What is the most lucrative reason for an xray in the State of Maine? - ✔✔Trauma xrays make the

most money in the state of Maine (at hospitals)

What is a Dental Fistula? - ✔✔Also called a gum boil or a parulis is an infection at the base of

the tooth which forms inflamed pus. Dental fistula if not treated starts with a tooth abscess and

normally ends on the gingiva or slightly in the oral vestibule.

What can be found in an xray? - ✔✔Developing teeth, missing teeth, supernumary teeth(extra),

impacted teeth, caries(decay), recurrent caries, periodontal disease, dilacerated roots(abnormal

curves), retained root tips, periapical lesions/infections.

Radiopaque - ✔✔The light or white areas of the film. The more dense the tissue or material, the

whiter it will appear.

Radiolucent - ✔✔Dark areas that x rays pass through easily.

Furcation - ✔✔Bone has been eaten away. Usually the result of periodontal disease.

What is the difference between radiographic interpretation and radiographic diagnosis? -

✔✔Interpretation is the ability to read and explain what is revealed by a radiograph. Diagnosis is

giving a disease or condition to the image that is seen.



Density - ✔✔The overall darkness of the x-ray picture.

What are the 4 parts of a tooth? - ✔✔Enamel, dentin, root/pulp, cementum.

Contrast - ✔✔Level of differentation between the black/white/grey areas of the film. Higher

contrast is very black and white, lower contrast has more shades of grey.

What are the two things that radiographic contrast depend on? - ✔✔Subject contrast and film


What is subject contrast? - ✔✔The result of differences in absorption of the xray by tissues.

What are the three factors in subject contrast? - ✔✔THE PATIENT:Each tissue has a different

contrast. Depending on size, the patient may have more levels of tissue for greater contrast.

KVP:this is the quality of the xray beam. the higher the beam, the more wavelengths are

produced and the greater the potential for contrast.

SCATTER RADIATION:The more that this sort of xray hits the film, the more it is exposed and

the kess contrast the picture will eventually take on.

What is film contrast? - ✔✔The contrast that comes from characteristics of the film and


What are the three factors in film contrast? - ✔✔Film type, exposure time(over and undereposed

films will result in poor contrast), processing(if done incorrectly, it may ruin the contrast built

into the film by the manufacturer.

What happens if a film is exposed to too much/too little light? - ✔✔Too much-darker

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