Cyber Awareness Challenge 2022/2023 Knowledge Check (Answered)

Cyber Awareness Challenge 2022/2023 Knowledge Check (Answered)

Cyber Awareness Challenge 2022 Knowledge


Which of the following may be helpful to prevent spillage? - Be aware of classification

markings and all handling caveats.

Which of the following may be helpful to prevent spillage? - Label all files, removable

media, and subject headers with appropriate classification markings.


Which type of information could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to

national security if disclosed without authorization? - Secret


What is a good practice to protect classified information? - Ensure proper labeling by

appropriately marking all classified material and, when required, sensitive material.


Based on the description below how many potential insider threat indicators are

present? A colleague often makes others uneasy by being persistent in trying to obtain

information about classified projects to which he has no access, is boisterous about his

wife putting them in credit card debt, and often complains about anxiety and exhaustion

display? - 3 or more indicators


What threat do insiders with authorized access to information or information systems

pose? - They may wittingly or unwittingly use their authorized access to perform

actions that result in the loss or degradation of resources or capabilities.


Which of the following is NOT considered a potential insider threat indicator? - New

interest in learning a foreign language.


When may you be subject to criminal, disciplinary, and/or administrative action due to

online misconduct? - If you participate in or condone it at any time.


When is the safest time to post details of your vacation activities on your social

networking profile? - After you have returned home following the vacation

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