Grand Canyon University - NURSING NUR-634: APEA 3P Exam Questions and Answers. 100% Correct.

Grand Canyon University - NURSING NUR-634: APEA 3P Exam Questions and Answers. 100% Correct.

APEA 3P Practice Questions and Answers for Test Preparation Graded A (All 150 Exam

Questions with Answers Provided)

1. The groove of the metacarpophalangeal joint can be palpated by having the patient:

a. Flex his hand

2. When auscultating breath sounds in a patient who has left sided heart failure, the breath

sounds are:

a. vesicular with late inspiratory crackles in the dependent portions of the lungs

and resonant on percussion

3. The ankle-brachial index is a screening test used to assess a person’s risk for:

a. Peripheral artery disease

4. Olecranon bursitis may be caused by all of the following except:

a. Frozen shoulder

5. In patients who have allergic rhinitis, the nasal mucosa appears:

a. Pale

6. A term used to describe an increase in muscular bulk with diminished strength is:

a. pseudohypertrophy

7. If abdominal pain persists when the patient raises his head and shoulders, the origin of

the tenderness is probably:

a. In the abdominal wall

8. On auscultation of the abdomen, rushes of high-pitched sounds are audible and coincide

with abdominal cramps. These findings are most consistent with:

a. Intestinal obstruction

9. Ophthalmoscopic examination of the fundus reveals tiny, round, red spots in and around

the macular area. These findings are consistent with:

a. Microaneurysms

10. Symptoms of a subdural hematoma include:

a. Noticeable bleeding between the dura and the cerebrum on x-ray

11. On examination of the adult patient, symptoms of flexed posture, tremor, rigidity, and

shuffling gait are observed. These findings are consistent with:

a. Parkinson’s disease

12. When discussing the musculoskeletal system, all of the following statements related to

articular structure disease are true except which one?

a. Articular disease is usually due to stiffness or pain

13. Focal tenderness over the trochanter confirms:

a. Bursitis

14. Assessing the neurological status of a child with a ventriculoperitoneal shunt should


a. Use of the Glasgow coma scale

15. The earliest recognizable clinical manifestation(s) of cystic fibrosis in an infant is:

a. Salty taste on the skin

16. A reddish blue, irregularly shaped, solid and spongy mass of blood vessels that may be

present at birth and enlarge during the first 10 to 15 months is characteristic of a:

a. Cavernous hemangioma

17. The hamstring muscles flex the knee and are located on the:

a. Posterior aspect of the thigh

18. Ophthalmoscopic examination reveals dark specks noted between the fundus and the

lens. These specks are most likely:

a. Vitreous floaters

19. When performing the first Leopold maneuver on a pregnant woman, if the buttocks and

head are not easily palpated at the fundus, the fetus is said to be in:

a. Transverse lie

20. When performing a musculoskeletal examination, the nurse practitioner instructs the

patient to move his arm in front of his body. This motion of the shoulder girdle would be

an example of:

a. Flexion

21. To locate the twelfth rib, palpate:

a. Between the spine and the lateral chest

22. Walking on the toes and heels may reveal:

a. Distal muscular weakness in the legs

23. When performing a bimanual exam of the vagina, the examiner should lubricate the

index and middle fingers of a gloved hand. From a standing position, the fingers should

be inserted into the vagina while exerting pressure primarily:

a. Posteriorly

24. During pregnancy, which hormone results in increased blood viscosity?

a. Erythropoietin

25. Resting tremors refer to those tremors that disappear:

a. With voluntary movement

26. A patient presents with complaints of bright red stools over the past week. This

symptom could be consistent with:

a. Cancer of the sigmoid colon

27. Mydriasis is a term used to describe:

a. Dilation of the pupils

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