Relias Quiz Questions ~ BCBA Test Bank_ Complete Latest (answered) Ace on your BCBA

Relias Quiz Questions ~ BCBA Test Bank

Which of the following could be a replacement behavior for cutting in line? - Teaching to

stand in line and wait

Which of the following is a consequence intervention involving punishment? - Taking

away a token

Which of the following could be a replacement behavior for grabbing or stealing food? -

Teaching the person to ask for food

Which of the following is included in a functional assessment plan: - A definition of the

behaviors of concern

What is an interobserver agreement (IOA)? - When 2 data collectors agree on data

collected at the same time during a behavior.

Consequence interventions involve - Reinforcing desired behaviors and reducing the

display of undesirable behavior

Which of the following could be a prevention strategy for a behavior that involves

throwing items? - Minimizing the number of items that could be thrown

Why are crisis plans incorporated into some behavior intervention plans? - Because

some behaviors cause a risk to the safety of the individual engaging in the behavior or

others in the environment

Behavioral function tries to explain: - Why the behavior is happening

Undesirable behavior can be reduced by: - Reinforcing alternative behaviors, using

extinction, or punishment

Which of the following can RBTs do in relation to implementing intervention plans? -

Collect data on the effectiveness of the plan

Which of the following is an example of a motivating operation: - Fred is hungry so

crackers work well as a reinforcer for task compliance

Automatic reinforcement is associated most closely with: - Stereotypic behavior

What is the estimated percentage of self-injurious behaviors that have automatic

reinforcement as the function according to Hagopian et al. (2015)? - 25%

Michelle is an RBT who is teaching a mother how to implement a visual schedule for her

child. What is Michelle doing? - Training a parent how to implement an intervention

Which of the following 2 assessments are often used in conjunction to provide an

overall picture of an individual's receptive and expressive labeling abilities? - The

expressive vocabulary test and the peabody picture vocabulary test

A learner who requires a wide program with many goals and targets is more likely to: -

Have fewer behavior problems and skills that are ready for generalization soon

One of the benefits of using an assessment tool that was not designed solely for a

population of individuals with autism is: - They offer some external validity to levels of

functioning prior to and after intervention has started

One of the benefits of a workshop format for developing training families and staff on

skill acquisitions is: - A unified plan of how to implement plans and intervene with

behaviors can be made collaboratively

According to Leaf et al. (2018), rates of learning on labeling tasks after receiving

reinforcement from paired-stimulus preference assessment vs. an in-the-moment

analysis of reinforcers were: - No different between the two methods for assessing


Which of the following is most likely used by payers to guide them in approving or

discontinuing ABA treatment? - Changes in the core characteristics of autism as defined

as a result of intervention

"4 out of 5 times for 10 consecutive data recording periods" is an example of which part

of a goal: - Criterion to identify the standard for the behavior

Behavioral Skills Training (BST) is often used to train staff and families because: - It is

an evidence-based practice

The Interview Informed Synthesized Contingency Analysis (IISCA) uses: - Information

from open-ended interviews to determine which experimental conditions to use in a

functional analysis

Which of the following considerations related to intervention data triggers the need for a

re-assessment of skills? - The client has not made much progress

Which of the following autism specific criterion referenced assessments offer an

assessment of 25 skill areas: - The ABLLS-R

Criterion-referenced assessments are most useful for: - Building skill acquisition


One of the biggest drawbacks of the workshop format is: - It is often difficult to

coordinate schedules for the time needed

True or False: Deep programming involves setting a few goals and targets at one time. -


Which of the following assessment and intervention systems require certification in the

specific programs? - Early Start Denver Model and PEAK

Which of the following general statements about assessment in relation to ABA

programming is correct? - Assessment is the foundation for every aspect of the

development and implementation of ABA programs

The overall goal of the PEAK system is to: - Encourage the acquisition of skills that can

be generalized and promote higher order thinking in novel contexts

Which of the following can be said about social skills assessments not designed

specifically for individuals with autism? - While they offer a picture of an individual's

social functioning, the results are not adequate for making all the decisions necessary

for social skill intervention

Which of the following activities are web-based ABA curricula and data collection

systems designed to replace? - Manual data entry on skill acquisition plans

Which of the following is an indicator that an intake appointment has been successful? -

You have a good idea how to proceed with assessment of skills

If brief functional analysis data show that rates of problem behavior occur the most

during an ignore condition, which of the following is the most logical behavioral function:

- attention

Precursor functional analyses help to prevent: - Extensive reinforcement of problem


In trial-based functional analysis, control conditions are usually provided: - Before the

test conditions

Functional assessment yields __ results, while functional analysis yields __ results. -

correlational; causal

Prior to Iwata et al.'s original study of functional analysis and self-injury, when

differential reinforcement failed, what did alternative treatments consist of: - Restrictive

interventions such as restraints or aversives

Which of the following should happen first before conducting a brief functional analysis?

- Define the behavior

Which of the following is a reason why additional staff are needed to conduct functional

analyses: - To collect data and to keep the individual and other safe

What is the main purpose behind interviews during an IISCA: - To gain information

about the behavior, precursors, and what happens afterward

Prior to the introduction of functional analysis, behavior interventions relied on: -

Reinforcers and punishers without much consideration around why the person engaged

in the behavior

Extended functional analyses are not acceptable to some stakeholders because: -

Evoking problem behavior is counterintuitive.

Latency data are useful for comparing - The amount of time it took a behavior to start in

each condition tested

Behavioral function derived from the results of functional analysis tends to produce

interventions that: - Rely more heavily on reinforcement and are less likely to make use

of punishment

Because trial-based functional analyses are delivered in natural environments, results

have: - Higher levels of external validity

Which of the following statements reflects the idea behind Interview- Informed

Contingency Analysis (IISCA): - Behaviors respond to multiple reinforcers not just one

Which of the following types of functional analysis is the best choice for behaviors that

occur once like disrobing: - Latency-based functional analysis

A logical control condition for an ignore condition would be: - An attention condition

When presenting an attention condition, which of the following should be done: -

Provide the individual with attention for the behavior

Trial-based functional analysis works by: - Providing antecedents and consequences in

natural environments

Which of the following data collection methods is the most commonly used in brief

functional analyses - Event recording

Both functional assessment and functional analysis have the goal of generating: - A

hypothesis as to why the individual engages in a behavior

Water might have a value-altering effect when: - A person is very thirsty

Which of the following is an example of how stimulus control could be augmented? - A

timer to signal how long to brush teeth

Motivating operations can exert stimulus control over a behavior by: - Playing a role in

the effectiveness of the reinforcer at that point in time

A most-to-least prompting sequence involves: - Using the most intrusive prompt, then

less intrusive prompts until the least is used

Stimulus control occurs when: - An individual behaves one way in the presence of a

stimulus and differently in the presence of another

Which of the following should be used for teaching the concept of blue? - Various

shades of blue on identical objects

Stimulus equivalence occurs when: - A response is correctly displayed in the presence

of a stimulus that has not been trained or reinforced

Which of the following is an example of a naturally occurring discriminative stimulus at

work? - Seeing a stop sign and stopping

Which of the following is a learner characteristic that could impact the development of

stimulus control? - Attending skills

What is the overall intent for delivering a discriminative stimulus? - To get an individual

to engage in a particular behavior

Stimulus discrimination training helps: - The learner to discern what is correct in the

presence of an incorrect stimulus

Which of the following is the best definition of data? - Data is a quantifiable dimension of


Continuous data recording involves: - Recording all instances of a behavior

Event recording is: - The same thing as frequency recording

Duration and latency recording both involve: - Time

When are discontinuous data collection measures used? - When behaviors are used at

such high rates it would be hard to get an accurate frequency count

Buster alternates between quiet and loud humming. Which behavior recording method

would be the best to use? - Whole interval recording would be best because it is hard to

hear him humming at times

Which of the following is true about trial by trial collection? - Data are recorded on each

trial presented

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