PTCB Exam Questions & answers 2022| Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Test

PTCB Exam 2022 Questions And Answers

Ace Inhibitors should not be taken with......

Correct Ans - Potassium Diuretics

Vitamin deficency causes Rickets

Correct Ans - Vitamin D

CSAR stands for?

Correct Ans - Controlled Substance Administration Record

Elixer is a form of..

Correct Ans - Alcohol & Water

A drug that does not require blood work?

Correct Ans - Sulfasalazine

NDC includes?

Correct Ans - Drug Mfg, Drug Product, Package size

Inventory for Controlled Substance's is performed ?

Correct Ans - every 2-Years

Beta Blockers End in ?

Correct Ans - .......LoL

Specific Gravity Ratio

Correct Ans - Weight



True statements for Insulin?

Correct Ans -

1. Glargin should not be mixed.

2. Injection sites must be rotated

3. Regular & Lente insulins -Do not mix

"Rx" is latin meaning.....

Correct Ans - to Take a given product & strength

U&C means....

Correct Ans - Usual & Custamary

Prophylactic products

Correct Ans - Amoxicillin, Norgest, Propranol

Not a Prophylactic product?

Correct Ans - Imitrex

Reference book includes info on USP & NF drug std's...

Correct Ans - " Drug Topics" Orange Book

1 mi=

Correct Ans - 100 units of Heparin

Patient Product Insert-PPI is required with..

Correct Ans - Estrogen drugs I.E. premarin, conjugated estrogen

How many days are required to fill a Rx for Accutane?

 Correct Ans - 7-Days

Digoxin toxicity symptom?

Correct Ans - Arrhythmia

Mini-drip or micro-drip systems flow rate?

Correct Ans - 60 gtt/min

Who signs "MARS"?

Correct Ans - Nurses

Maximum refills for CIII-CV drugs?

Correct Ans - five days

If you find a white fluffy substance in a Dextrose IV bag, you


Correct Ans - Shake Bag

Do not use this "Auxillary label" on Doxycycline?

Correct Ans - "Avoid Dairy Products"

Not used for Asthma?

Correct Ans - INH

Needs a Potassium supplement

Correct Ans - Lasix

Does not need a Potassium supplement?

Correct Ans - Aldactone, dyaside, dyrenium

gr iss= mg?

Correct Ans - 1 grain(65mg) x i(1) + ss(1/2)= 97.5mg or 65 x 1.5


------------------ =

Retail selling price

Correct Ans - Gross Profit


----------- =

 % Correct Ans - Final weight( gm)

Given for overdose of Heparin?

Correct Ans - Protamine Sulfate

A vitamin defiency that causes "Rickets"

Correct Ans - Vitamin C

Drug taken for Smoking cessation & Antidepressant

Correct Ans - Bupropion

A 5-HT Receptor agonist used to treat Migraine?

Correct Ans - Midrin

Unit Dose Labels require?

Correct Ans - Dose strength, Expiration date, drug name

Potassium supplement's that treats?

 Correct Ans - HypoKalemia

What classification of drugs create side effects> dry eyes &

mouth, difficult urinating & defacating?

Correct Ans - Anticholinergics

Clarks rule?

Correct Ans - Child's Dose= Adult dose x (Child's Weight)


 150 lbs

Young's rule?

Correct Ans - Child's Dose= Adult dose x (Child's Age)


 child's age+ 12 yrs

Advantage of a plastic IV TPN system

Correct Ans - Light & Cheap, easy storage, bag easy to read

Contraindicated rating indicates a drug in pregnancy

Correct Ans - Rated X

Not required text in Pharmacy

Correct Ans - PDR-Physician desk reference

Which drugs should be taken with food

 Correct Ans - Nitrofurantoin (antibiotics- need to be taken on a

empty stomach)

What is not found in a Total Parenteral Admixture

Correct Ans - Protein

Insulin is injected by?

 Correct Ans - SC-Subcutaneously

Where would you nprepare hazardous drugs?

Correct Ans - BSC-Biological Safety Cabinet

Accutane- how many refills allowed?

Correct Ans - NONE

What type of label is put on Rx's

 Correct Ans - Auxillary Labels

Otic product?

Correct Ans - treats Ear

TPN-Total Parenteral Solution

Correct Ans - Isotonic

a Dry, Nonproductive cough requires a

Correct Ans - Expectorant


Correct Ans - Runny Nose

What type of solution has a greater osmololarity than blood?

Correct Ans - Hypertonic


Correct Ans - a drug that blocks the activity in liver

Inventory turns=

Correct Ans - Total Sales/ begin. sales + ending sales/2

How often do you change a Catapres patch?

Correct Ans - once a week

Term "Subscription"

Correct Ans - Denotes the instructions to a Pharmacist

Macrolide drugs?

Correct Ans - Azithromycin, Clarithromyacin, erthromycin

What components are in a "Total Nutrient Admixture?

Correct Ans - Amino acids, dextrose, lipids


Correct Ans - TPN

What opthalmic should be refrigerated?

Correct Ans - Latanprost

Who developes the formulary in a hospital?

Correct Ans - P & T Committee

A pregnant women w/Hypertension should take?

Correct Ans - Methyldopa (Aladomet)

QSAD means

 Correct Ans - " A Sufficient amount to take"


Correct Ans - Office Compendium of Pharmacetical products in

the U S

Purpose of a GPO-Group Purchasing Organization

Correct Ans - Negotiates prices for hospital Pharmacies

Available in Tablet & IV

 Correct Ans - Vasotec

Controlled Substance records must be kept for how long?

Correct Ans - 2-years

Which gland controls Water balance, Body temp., apetite, emotion

Correct Ans - Hypoithalamus

What auxillary label should be placed on "Griseofulvin"

Correct Ans - Shake well, Sunlight sensitive

Tegretol is not available in this form?

 Correct Ans - Transdermal Patch

What class of drug would use Pulse Dosing?

Correct Ans - Antifungals

Pharmacy law: Adulteration & Misbranding of drugs

Correct Ans - Pure Drug Act of 1906

Drugs that end in ....pril

Correct Ans - Ace Inhibitors

Drugs that end in .....pam

Correct Ans - Benzodiazapines, class CIV's

Schedule CV drugs must include the following info:

 Correct Ans - Dispense date, Name, Signature, address of

purchaser, Pharmacist's signature

Antibiotics ( i.e. pennicillin's) require labelsCorrect Ans - Take on a Empty Stomach, Take with Water, Do not

take w/Juice

Etopiside is prepared where? Correct Ans - BSC

Prevents "Peptic Ulcer disease" caused by NSAIDs

Correct Ans - misoprostol

Treats Acne

Correct Ans - Azelex, Benzamycin, Differin


Correct Ans - American Society of Health System Pharmacists

Syrup USP contains

 Correct Ans - Sucrose in water

Herbal remedy that treats Insomnia

Correct Ans - Melatonin

DEA form to report thefts?

Correct Ans - Form 106

Acetaminophen w/codeine drug class

Correct Ans - CIII

Method of preparing emulsions

Correct Ans - Continental

Used Prophylactically to treat migrain's

Correct Ans - propranolol/inderal

Is not a dispersion

Correct Ans - Syrup

Rejection of a prescription

Correct Ans - Adjudication

Automatic Stop Order

 Correct Ans - ASO

Insulin U-100 syringe is calibrated to?

Correct Ans - 2-unit increments

What type of Drug Interaction with another drug

Correct Ans - Potentiation

Is Not required on a Rx label

Correct Ans - Lot number

Beta Blocker+ Diuretic is

Correct Ans - Atenolol + Chlorthazidone

Is not a side effect of steroids

Correct Ans - Inflammation

Bactrim DS

Correct Ans - Sulfamethoxazole/Triamethoprim DS

Form of "Estradiol"

Correct Ans - Climera, estrace, Estraderm

Not a form of Estradiol

Correct Ans - conjugate estrogen/premarin

Sets regulations for Resident Care facilities

Correct Ans - CMS-Centers for medicaid

Side effect of Diuretics

Correct Ans - Hypokalemia

DUE stands for....

Correct Ans - Drug Utilization Evaluation

DEA Form 222 requires the maximum items listed?

 Correct Ans - 10

Reference book on Pharmacist counciling

Correct Ans - USP DI, vol II

Cocaine drug schedule?

Correct Ans - CII

2 Drug classes should not be mixed

Correct Ans - MAOI, SSRI

Digoxin is a class of?

Correct Ans - Cardial Glycoside

How many 4oz bottles of exempt narcotic may be purchased in 48


Correct Ans - ONE

Chemo drugs are prepared in what?

 Correct Ans - Horizontal Laminar flow hood

Hydrous Lanolin is what form?

Correct Ans - Emulsion-(water & oil)

The organization that replaced the "Health Care Finacing

Adninistration-HCFA Correct Ans - CMS-Centers for Medicaid

A Specific Dosage & Need

Correct Ans - Extemporaneous Compounding

The combination of 2 or more drugs is called?

Correct Ans - Synergistic effect

Herbal Laxative

Correct Ans - Cascara Sagrada

Is not a Anti-inflammatory drug

Correct Ans - APAP/Acetaminophen

Smoking Cessation aid

Correct Ans - Zyban

What drug produces a adverse effect if alcohol is consumed

Correct Ans - disulfiram (Anabuse)

Insulin is stored in a ?

Correct Ans - Refrigerator ( 8 deg C-15 deg. C)


Correct Ans - Generic allowed by physician


Correct Ans - Brand required by Physician


Correct Ans - Generic allowed but, Patient Requests Brand

When does a Laminar Flow Hood should be cleaned when?

Correct Ans - Beginning of each shift

Organization that establishes "Standards of Care in hospitals &

Long Term Care? Correct Ans - TJC-The Joint Commision

Angiotensin II Antagonist

Correct Ans - avapro, cozaar, diovan (NOT Beta blockers)

Study of Drugs include-Pharmacology

Correct Ans - Absorption, Distribution, Metabolizes, Excretion

DEA forms are valid for?

Correct Ans - 60 days

Drug references of drug monographs are found?

Correct Ans - PDR

Oral Contraceptives will counteract with

Correct Ans - Antibiotics, Antifungals, Anti-convulsants ( Beta

Blockers will not counteract)

Injection angle- Intradermal

Correct Ans - 10-15 deg

Injection angle-Subcutaneous

Correct Ans - 45 deg

Injection angle-Intramuscular

Correct Ans - 90 deg

What type of Balance weighs less than 120 grams

Correct Ans - Class A

1 gm=

Correct Ans - 15 gr

5 ml =

Correct Ans - 1-tsp

15 ml =

Correct Ans - 1-Tbl, 3 tsp

30 ml =

 Correct Ans - 1 oz

Inscriptions require?

Correct Ans - Name, Strength, Quantity

Treats Hyperthyroidism

Correct Ans - PTU (propylthiouracil)

Fentanyl patch should be replaced every?

Correct Ans - 3-days

Law requires Pharnacy's to maintain DME-Durable Medical


Correct Ans - FDA Safe medical act 1990

What is not found on CSAR

Correct Ans - an expiration date

DEA Form 363

Correct Ans - Dispensing of Controlled Substances

Term that measures Drug Absorption & total amount of drug in

the blood

Correct Ans - Bioavailability

Vitamin B is measured in?

 Correct Ans - Milligrams

Cyanocobalamin is

Correct Ans - Vitamin B12

What counteracts Antipsychotic meds?

Correct Ans - Benzotropine

What drug does not require special handling?

Correct Ans - Medrol

Why is it required to have the full name for Rx?

Correct Ans - to ensure the right drug for the right patient


Correct Ans - Computerized Physician Order Entry

What drug is effected by MAC (Mandatory Allowable cost)?

 Correct Ans - Non-propietary drugs

What classification of antidepressent must be flushed out before

taking another a.d.

Correct Ans - MAOI

Law addressing treatment of patients in Long Term Facilities?

Correct Ans - OBRA 1987

How many gloves are required for IV Prep.?

Correct Ans - 2

What organization oversees Pharmacy practices?

Correct Ans - BOP-Board of Pharmacy

Reference book-"Pharmacy Drug Costs"

Correct Ans - Red Book


 Correct Ans - Celecoxib, Ibuprofen, oxaprozin

Info found on hospital Med. Order, but not found in retail?

Correct Ans - A Dosage schedule

This class of drug as no effect on Oral contraceptives?

Correct Ans - Beta Blocker

Symptom of Hyperglycemic drugs

Correct Ans - Fruity smelling breath

Biennial Inventory taken every?

Correct Ans - 2-years (controlled substances)

not a Antiarryhythimic agent

Correct Ans - -Beta Blockers

Classes of drugs that treat depression?

Correct Ans - MAO, SSRI, TCAs

Which law mandated " DUE" (Drug utilization Evaluation)

Correct Ans - OBRA 90

Drug dipensed by "Pulse dosing"

Correct Ans - Itraconazole/sporanox(antifungals)

What hospital commitee maintains the drug formulary?

Correct Ans - P&T (Pharmacy/Therapeutic) commitee

What vitamin is necessary in production of Red Blood Cells?

Correct Ans - Folic Acid

"Cardura" interacts with ?

Correct Ans - NSAIDs

What could a patient eat while taking Warfarin?

Correct Ans - FRUITS; but cannot eat broccoli, spinach, legumes

because there high in Vitamin K

Beta Blockers are the same as?

 Correct Ans - Beta-Adrenergics


Correct Ans - a Pharmacy receives a predetermined amount of

money for a patient, regardless of the number of Rx's or value of

prescriptions per month

Med Watch

Correct Ans - reports adverse events that pose a SERIOUS


Gestational Diabetes occurs?

Correct Ans - at pregnancy

MAC stands for?

Correct Ans - Mandatory Allowable Cost

Herbal remedy that Treats PMS

Correct Ans - Black Cohosh

Who should not take Tetracycline

Correct Ans - Chikdren under 9 & pregnant women

Grand Mal seizure is

Correct Ans - Tonic-Clonic

Treats Prostate Cancer

Correct Ans - Eulexin

Drug Topic in Red Book

Correct Ans - DP=Direct Price

PCA stands for?

Correct Ans - Patient Controlled Analgesia

What antidepressent may be used to treat bedwetting?

Correct Ans - imipramine(tofranil)

Drugs that treat smoking cessation?

Correct Ans - Zyban, Habitrol, Nicoderm

Which drug law states that all drugs must be pure & safe?

Correct Ans - Kefauver-Harris ammendment

Drugs that treat inflammation?

Correct Ans - etodolac, naprozen, piroxicam

What insulin has the longest duration of action?

Correct Ans - Ultralente insulin

What device converts a solution to a mist?

Correct Ans - Nebulizer

3-common dosage forms

Correct Ans - Emulsion, magna, suspension

What type of Med's are DOS, DSS?

Correct Ans - Laxatives

Reference book is a compilation of "package inserts"

Correct Ans - PDR

Which migraine Med. is a controlled Substance

Correct Ans - Butorphanol

What combo cannot be taken w/alcohol?

 Correct Ans - APAP

What dosage form releases CO2 when it comes in contact with


Correct Ans - Effervescent salts

Therapeutic equiv. code meets bioequiv.?

Correct Ans - AA

What does not effect "Route of Admin."

Correct Ans - shape of dosage form

Site of Intrathecal injection?

Correct Ans - Spinal fluid

Ondansetron treats?

Correct Ans - patient undergoing Chemotherapy

Sterizing Filter size?

Correct Ans - 0.2 microns (smallest)

What law is violated if a drug is dispensed without a valid


Correct Ans - Durham-Humphrey ammendment

What is not required on a prescription label?

Correct Ans - Physicians DEA number

What drug class of antibiotic should not be used if a patient is

allergic to pennicillin?

Correct Ans - Cephalosporins

If taking a MAOI, what food should you avoid?

Correct Ans - Yogurt- it contains yeast

What insulin should be added first when mixing 2 insulin's?

Correct Ans - Regular Insulin

What kind of insulin can be added to a IV bag?

Correct Ans - Regular Insulin

Drug Monogram

Correct Ans - Literature on the drug & by the mfg


Correct Ans - Offers council to a patient by the Pharmacist

What process brings a drug from the distribution site into the

bloodstream? Correct Ans - Absorption


Correct Ans - Actual Acquistion Cost

What drug can cause death if taken after it expires?

Correct Ans - Tetracycline

Side effect from a overdose of salisylates?

Correct Ans - Tinnitus(ringing of the ear)

Class I drug recall

Correct Ans - Reasonable probability will cause serious adverse

health consequences or death.

Class II drug recall

Correct Ans - May cause temporary or medically reversible health

consequences. Remote chance of serious consequences.

Class III drug recall

Correct Ans - Product not likely to cause adverse health


How many days is DEA form 222 valid after signed?

Correct Ans - 60 days

DEA Form used for destroying Conrtolled Subst.

Correct Ans - Form 41

Methyphenidate is what schedule drug?

Correct Ans - CII- Ritalin

Side effect of ACE Inhibitors

Correct Ans - Dry Cough

Ref. Book used fr drug equivalents?

Correct Ans - Orange book

100 Particles sized to 0.5 microns

Correct Ans - ISO Class 5

Controlled substances can be transferred how many times(CIIICV)only?

Correct Ans - once

What classification would not require a "Automatic Stop Order"

Correct Ans - Diabetic med's

Where do oral drug med's metabolize take place?

Correct Ans - Liver

Rate at which a drug is eliminated from a specific volume of blood

per unit of time?

Correct Ans - Clearance

Vitaminthat treats beriberi?

Correct Ans - B1, Thiamine

What drug should not be given to a person 18 years and younger?

Correct Ans - Cipro, Ciprofloxacin

Dosage form would use the process of "inunction"

Correct Ans - oinyments, creams, lotions, pastes (all forms

applied to skin)

What classification does not include antineoplastic agents

Correct Ans - Alkylating agents

PPI-Proton Pump Inh. end in..

Correct Ans - "....prazole"

What drug product should not be chewed?

Correct Ans - Benzonatate

What dosage form contains small pellets & beads?

Correct Ans - Spansules

Treats vertigo

Correct Ans - antivert, dramamine, transderm scop

What is antidote for an excess of Warfarin?

Correct Ans - Phytonadione

What info refers to the NDC number?

Correct Ans - Drug product, Drug Mfg., Package size

What is the term refers to the vehicle that contains the dissolved


Correct Ans - solvent

What is the inscription on a prescription?

Correct Ans - medication prescribed

What type of dosage form is prepared by the Punch method...

Correct Ans - Capsules

Disease of the nerves?

Correct Ans - Epilepsy

If a patient takes both Nitrates and Sildenafil will cause?

Correct Ans - Hypotension

What type of spatula is used when handling Iodine?

Correct Ans - Hard Rubber

How often is the PDR published?

Correct Ans - Once a year

"AF" stands for on a Patient Chart?

Correct Ans - Atrial Fibrillation

Ref. book that refers to instructions on compoonding drugs anf


Correct Ans - Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy

"DTD" means?

Correct Ans - Latin meaning-"Give of such doses"

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