OCR A Level Law H418/04 | The Nature of Law and the Law of Contract (2022 Exam)

This document contains June 2022 OCR A Level Law H41804 The nature of law and the law of contract. Question Paper. Download to score an A.


The nature of law

Answer one question using examples from your full course of study.

1 ‘The courts of England and Wales are courts of law, not courts of morality.’

Discuss the challenges faced by judges in separating law from morality. [20]

2 ‘Justice is a concept which is difficult to define but is easily identified in practical examples.’

Discuss the meaning of justice in light of this statement. [20]


Law of contract

Choose Part 1 or Part 2.

Part 1

Answer the three questions below.

The first two questions are based on the scenarios below. The scenarios are not related.

Kareem wanted to park his car in a car park run by Fine Parking. He paid for 2 hours parking using

an app on his phone. He had to tick a box on the app to agree to the terms of the contract. One

of the terms imposed a £100 fee if the car stayed in the car park for longer than he had paid for.

Kareem returned to his car ten minutes late and has now received a bill demanding that he pays

£100. Kareem considers that this penalty charge is excessive. The next day, Kareem parked at a car

park owned by Dent Parking. He had to take a ticket when he entered the car park. On the back of

the ticket, there was a notice that said Dent Parking would not be liable for any injuries or damage

that happened in the car park. After he parked his car, a part of the car park wall collapsed, injuring

Kareem and damaging his car.

Nina wanted to buy some animals for her farm.

• She asked James how much he would sell his horse for. James said he could not accept less

than £3000 so Nina said that she was willing to buy it for that price.

• On Monday, Mia offered to sell a prize goat to Nina. Mia told Nina that she had until Friday to

let her know. On Wednesday, Nina heard that the goat had been sold to someone else, so she

quickly emailed Mia to accept.

• Nina’s neighbour, Beth, offered to sell her a bull. Beth said that if Nina wanted to buy the bull, she

should come and tell her before 12 noon the next day. At 11.45am the next day, Nina realised

that time was running out, so she sent her acceptance by text message instead.

3 Advise whether Kareem must pay the £100 to Fine Parking and whether the terms on Dent

Parking’s ticket will prevent Kareem from suing them for compensation. [20]

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