OCR A Level Further Mathematics B (MEI) Y43201 | Statistics Minor (2022 Exam)

This document contains June 2022 OCR A Level Further Mathematics B (MEI) Y432/01 Statistics Minor. Question Paper. Download to score an A.

Answer all the questions.

1 In a quiz a contestant is asked up to four questions. The contestant’s turn ends once the contestant

gets a question wrong or has answered all four questions. The probability that a particular

contestant gets any question correct is 0.6, independently of other questions. The discrete random

variable X models the number of questions which the contestant gets correct in a turn.

The discrete random variable Y models the number of points which the contestant scores. (c) Without doing any working, explain whether each of the following will be less than, equal to or greater than the corresponding value for X. • E(Y) • Var(Y)
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