OCR AS Level Chemistry B (Salters) H033/01 Foundations of chemistry Question Paper 2022

OCR AS Level Chemistry B (Salters) H033/01 Foundations of chemistry Question Paper 2022

1 Which ion has the same electron configuration as Ca2+?

 A Al 3+

 B Br –

 C K+

 D Mg2+

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2 Sodium has a lower melting point than magnesium.

What is a reason for this?

 A Magnesium has more delocalised electrons per atom.

 B Magnesium is more ionic.

 C Melting points decrease across Period 3.

 D Sodium has a covalent structure.

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3 Which row is correct for the properties of the solids shown?

Solid Melting point Electrical


A graphite high poor

B iodine high poor

C iron low good

D sodium chloride high poor

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4 Which compound is a saturated aliphatic hydrocarbon?

 A benzene

 B cyclohexane

 C cyclohexene

 D hexene

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5 Which reaction has the largest atom economy for the formation of the organic product?

 A C2H4 + Br2 C2H4Br2

 B C2H5Br + Br2 C2H4Br2 + HBr

 C C6H6 + Br2 C6H5Br + HBr

 D C2H6 + Br2 C2H5Br + HBr

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6 What is a correct property of hydrogen iodide gas?

 A It has high thermal stability.

 B It is neutral in solution.

 C It is unreactive with ammonia.

 D It reduces sulfuric acid to hydrogen sulfide.

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7 Which statement correctly describes the reaction below?

C4H9Cl + NH3 C4H9NH2 + HCl

 A Ammonia adds to a haloalkane to form an amine.

 B Ammonia is displacing hydrogen chloride.

 C An amine is formed in a substitution reaction.

 D Chloropropane is reacting with ammonia.

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8 Which of these compounds will have the highest boiling point?





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9 What is the final stage in the purification of a liquid organic product?

 A distillation

 B drying

 C neutralisation

 D separation

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10 What is a correct formula for an iron salt?

 A FeCO3

 B Fe2(NO3)


 C FeNO3

 D Fe2SO4

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11 Which molecule has the largest bond angle?

 A BF3


 C NF3

 D PF3

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