NUR 2755 / NUR2755: Multidimensional Care IV / MDC 4 Exam 1 (Latest 2021 / 2022) Rasmussen College

MDC 4 Exam 1 1. Patient interventions for Complications from spinal cord injuries - Autonomic dysreflexia, paralysis Breathing issues 2. FAST for Bells palsy - F- Face/ does the persons face look uneven A- Arm weakness S- Speech difficulty T- Time to call 911 3. What cervical level of injury requires ventilation? - C3 and higher 4. What life threatening condition happens with paraplegia - Autonomic dysreflexia Skin break down Infection 5. How do you prevent ICP? - Elevate HOB, Keep head midline, 02 above 94% 6. What causes ICP? - Head trauma Infection Increased CSF Hemorrhage Tumors 7. Assessment findings for intracranial pressure - Headache Shallow breathing Nausea confusion Increased blood pressure 8. Anything blow ____ you need to ______ - 8 Intubate for ICP 9. Patient education after head injuries - Reduce ICP Post-op infections Straight up and down No alcohol (bleeding) 10. What medications are used to prevent migraines - Preventive -Beta Blocker -Calcium channel blockers 11. What medications are used to absorb migraines? - Tylenol Ibuprofen Triptans for severe HA Ergotamine Midrin 12. How do Preventive drugs for migraines work? - These aid in preventing vascular changes and are used to manage, not treat acute episodes 13. How do abortive drugs for migraines work? - Help stop a migraine from coming on 14. Dietary education for prevention of migraines - AVOID things such as: ETOH Tyramine high foods Caffeine Chocolate Foods with yeast MSG Nitrates Artificial sweetener Smoked foods 15. What is the action of migraine medication? - Vasoconstriction 16. What causes Migraine Pain - Vasodilation 17. Patient education for prevention of migraines - Avoid triggers Do yoga Relaxation Meditation Decrease stimulation during acute episode 18. Ictal phase Nursing care - Observe and document time of seizure and length Do not restrain patient but protect them from injury Maintain airway with O2 and suction Turn to prevent aspiration 19. Postictal phase Nursing care - Monitor for LOC, Orientation, & Motor ability to return to baseline More than 10 minutes can be fatal 20. Status epilepticus - After 5 min if continuous episodes patient is treated as _______ __________, 30 min or more of seizure activity will result in neurological consequences 

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