Gizmo Warm-up Student Exploration- Density Laboratory 2

Name: Date: 1/18/2022

Student Exploration: Density

Vocabulary: density, mass, matter, volume

Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.)

1. List three objects that you think would sink in water, and three objects you think would float.



Float: _WATER BOTTLE toy car and pancakes


2. Why do you think some things float and some things sink? _ If the object has a greater

density than the liquid, it sinks. If it has less density, the object floats.www

Some objects sink while others float because some objects are more dense then others.



Gizmo Warm-up

1. In the Gizmo, drag the apple onto the Scale. The scale measures

mass. Mass is the amount of matter, or “stuff,” in an object.


What is the apple’s mass? _33.0g (Note: “g” stands for grams.)

2. An object’s volume is the amount of space it takes up. The volume of an object can be

measuring by using a graduated cylinder. Observe the graduated cylinder and the blue text

showing the volume of water inside the cylinder.

A. What is the starting volume of water in the graduated cylinder? _400.ml________

B. Place the apple into the cylinder. What is the volume in the cylinder now?


The water rises in the cylinder because it is displaced, or pushed upward, by the

apple. The amount of displaced water is equal to the volume of the apple.

C. What is the volume of the apple? _44ml________ (Use the Object volume to


Note: Milliliters (mL) are used for liquid volumes, while cubic centimeters (cm3

) are used for

solids. One mL is the same volume as one cm3

. The apple’s volume is measured in cm3


Activity A:

Sink or float?

Get the Gizmo ready:

● Replace all objects on the shelf.

● Be sure the liquid in the beaker is Water.

Question: How do mass and volume affect sinking and floating?

1. Predict: Which objects do you think will float in water? Which do you think will sink? Record

your predictions below in the first column of the table.

Object Prediction

(sink or float?)







(sink or float?)

Ping pong ball

float 3.0g 36.0cm3 sink

Golf ball sink 45.0g 36.0cm3 sink

Apple sink 33.0g 44.0cm3 sink

Chess piece sink 40.0g 80.0cm3 sink

Penny sink 3.0g 0.4cm3 sink

Rock sink 200.0g 50.0cm3 sink

2. Experiment: Use the Gizmo to find the mass and volume of each object and whether it floats

or sinks. Record your results in the table.

3. Analyze results: Look at the data in your table.

A. Can you use mass alone to predict whether an object will sink or float? Explain.

mass is not gonna determine if an object would sink or float because the more dense

the object is the more it tense to sink.

B. Can you use volume alone to predict whether an object will sink or float? Explain.

Mass is not gonna determine if an object would sink or float. The higher the volume

the more likely it is to sink.

4. Draw conclusion: Can you use mass and volume to predict whether an object will sink or

float in water? Explain your thinking.

Yes because when you divide math by the volume it gives you the density. Anything that has

density can not float.

5. Apply: Measure the mass and volume of the toy soldier: Mass 120.0g___ 80.0cm 3 ml__

Volume ________

Will it float or sink? Float.____sink ____________ Use the Gizmo to test your prediction.

Activity B:



Get the Gizmo ready:

● Replace the objects on the shelves.

● Be sure the liquid in the beaker is Water.

Question: How does density tell you whether an object will sink or float?

1. Calculate: Density is the amount of mass contained in a given volume. To find the density of

an object, divide its mass by its volume. Density is recorded in units of grams per cubic

centimeter (g/cm3


What is the density of an object with a mass of 100 g and a volume of 50 cm3? __________

2. Record data: In the Gizmo, find mass and volume of the objects listed below. Then calculate

each object’s density and record it. Finally, test whether each one sinks or floats in water.





Sink or Float?

Chess piece 40 float

Rock 200 sink

Toy soldier 120 sink

Apple 33 float

3. Draw conclusion: The density of water is 1.0 g/mL, or 1.0 g/cm3

. Look at the data in your

table. How can you use the density of an object to predict whether it will sink or float?



4. Apply: In the Gizmo, either Crown 1 or Crown

2 is solid gold (but not both). Find the density

of the gold nugget and of each crown. (Hint:

You will probably need a calculator to do this.)

A. Density of the gold nugget: _____________________________________________

B. Density of Crown 1: ___________________________________________________

C. Density of Crown 2: ___________________________________________________

D. Which crown is pure gold? ______________________________________________

Activity C:


Get the Gizmo ready:

● Replace all the objects on the shelf.

Question: How does an object behave in different liquids?

1. Observe: Use the Gizmo to explore whether the egg sinks or floats in different liquids.

Record what you find in the table below.

Liquid Water Oil Gasoline Seawater Corn Syrup

Sink or


sink sink sink floats floats

2. Draw conclusion: Which liquids are denser than the egg? Which are less dense? Explain

your reasoning.

_____Sea water and corn syrup have less density because it floats, water in oil and

gasoline have more density because it sinks.





3. Extend your thinking: Observe the egg in each liquid again.

A. In which liquid does the egg float the highest? ____corn syrup


B. In which liquid does the egg sink the fastest? ___gasoline


C. Which liquid do you think is the densest? Least dense? Explain. _____corn syrup

and gasoline because gasoline _makes the egg sink. __________



4. Challenge yourself: Using the objects in the Gizmo to help you, list the liquids from densest

to least dense. Discuss your answer with your teacher and classmates. (Hint: Compare

where objects float within each liquid.)

______gasoline , oil, water , sea water and corn syrup will float .



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