NEW CHEMISTRY FILE Exam of 8 pages for the course Chemistry at Chemistry (NEW CHEMISTRY FILE)


1. If a Hydrogen is in a compound, what would its oxidation number be?


2. What is the oxidation number of any simple ion?

+1 or -1 depending on the charge of the ion

3. How many kilograms are in a pound?

0.453592 kg

4. What is the temperature for freezing point of water in Celsius?

0 degrees Celsius (32°F for Fahrenheit)

5. What is the conversion of Celsius to Fahrenheit?

0°C = 32°F

6. What is the oxidation number of an element atom?


7. What is the freezing point of sea water in Fahrenheit?


8. How many amino acids are in a dipeptide?


9. If Oxygen is in a compound, what would its oxidation number be?


10. Which of the following pH values would lemon juice likely have?

2 because the lower the pH value, the more acidic

11. What is a pentose?

A 5 carbon sugar (Pent = 5) (ose = sugar)

12. What is the oxidation state of the Sulfur atom in Sulfuric Acid H2SO4?


13. How many neutrons does carbon 14 have?

8 ( mass# - atomics # = neutrons) 14 - 6 = 8

14. How many protons does Potassium have?


15. How many amino acids are essential for human life?

20 amino acids

16. Normal body temperature in °C?


17. Normal body temperature in °F?


18. Boiling point of water in °C?


19. Boiling point of water in °F?


20. 0°K is equal to ___°C? -273°C

21. The term Amphoteric means?

A substance that can act as both a base & acid

22. What is Kelvin based around?

 1 / 2

Absolute zero

23. A compound that is a Hydrogen or proton donor, corrosive to metals, causes blue litmus

paper to become red and becomes less acidic when mixed with a base is?


24. Mixture of 2 or more metals are?


25. Acids:

 pH less than 7.0

 sour/tart

 Formulas begin with H (Hydrogen)

 Proton Donor

26. 3 types of radiation in nuclear chemistry?

Alpha, Beta & Gamma

27. Alpha radiation:

* Emission of Helium (He) ions in the nuclei

* Contains 2 protons & 2 neutrons.

* +2 Charge

* Largest radiation particle.

* Can be stopped by piece of paper

00. Type of Alloy in which another metal is dissolved in Mercury (Hg)?


28. Proteins are made up of?

Amino Acids

29. Glycogen is what kind of starch?

Animal Starch

30. When a electron gains one or more electrons?


31. Basic building block of a molecule?

Atom (NOT CELL!!)

32. Atomic mass?

Average mass of a elements isotope

33. Atomic #:

# of protons in nucleus of an atom

34. Base?

 A Hydrogen or proton ACCEPTOR & has hydroxide group in the makeup of the


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