BIOD 151 / BIOD 151 Module 3 Exam Answer Key (Portage learning)

M3: Exam- Requires Respondus LockDown


Question 1

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Explain why someone who has hypergastrinemia (excessive secretion of gastrin) might

develop gastric/stomach ulcers.

Your Answer:

Gastrin stimulates the secretaion of pepsinogenes and HCL. If it is excess amounr that

means it would be lead to erosion of the stomach.

Gastrin stimulates the secretions of pepsinogens and hydrochloric acid. Excess

amounts would lead to erosion of the stomach lining.

Question 2

5 / 5 pts

Explain in detail how the stomach contents enter the small intestine.

Your Answer:

There is the pyloric sphincter at thebase of stomach. Therefore, this valve relaxes

causing a small quantity of chyme to pass the opening into the first part of small

intestine. And then, this initiates a reflex. That is why the muscles of the sphincter to

contrcat and close the openinf temporarily. After sphincter relaxes again and it allows

more chyme to enter.

The pyloric sphincter (valve), located at the base of the stomach, relaxes causing

a small quantity of chyme to pass through the opening into the first part of the

small intestine.

This initiates a reflex that causes the muscles of the sphincter to contract and

close the opening temporarily. Then the sphincter relaxes again and allows more

chyme to enter.

Question 3

10 / 10 pts

Look carefully at the diagram below. Label the following 5 organs of the digestive


To receive credit for the intestines you must label the specific region.

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3: ___________

4: ___________

7: ___________

9: ___________

10: ___________

Your Answer:

3: Stomach

4: Gallbladder

7: Jejenum

9: Appendix

10: Rectum

3: Stomach

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