NR 341 Week 3 Exam One Study Guide (Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 14);Chamberlain College Of Nursing


Exam One

Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 14

This blueprint is not inclusive of all content which may be on the exam.

Chapter 1 Overview of Critical Care Nursing

• Definition of critical care nursing

• Evolution of critical care

• Professional organizations

o American association of critical-care nurses

o Society of critical care medicine

o Other professional organizations

• Certification

• Standards

• Critical care nurse characteristics

• Quality and safety emphasis

• Evidence-based practice

• Healthy work environment

o Communication

o Collaboration

• Other trends and issues

Chapter 2 Patient and Family Response to the Critical Care Experience

• Introduction

• The critical care environment

• The critically ill patient

o Discharge from critical care and quality of life after critical care

o Geriatric concerns

• Family members of the critically ill patient

o Family assessment

o Family needs

o Communication

o Visitation

o Family presence during procedures and resuscitation

o Practice alerts

Chapter 3 Ethical and Legal Issues in Critical Care Nursing

• Introduction

• Ethical obligations and nurse advocacy

• Ethical decision making

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• Ethical principles

o Creating an ethical environment

• Increasing nurses’ involvement in ethical decision making

• Selected ethical topics in critical care

o Informed consent

▪ Elements of informed consent

o Decisions regarding life-sustaining treatment

▪ Cardiopulmonary resuscitation decisions

▪ Withholding or withdrawing life support

o End-of-life issues

▪ Patient self-determination act

▪ Advance directives

o Organ and tissue transplantation

Chapter 4 End-of-Life Care in the Critical Care Unit

• Introduction

o Effects on nurses and the healthcare team

• Dimensions of end-of-life care

o Palliative care

o Communication and conflict resolution

o Withholding, limiting, or withdrawing therapy

▪ Ventilator withdrawal

▪ Other commonly withheld therapies

▪ Hospice referral

o Emotional and psychological care of the patient and family

o Caregiver organizational support

• Culturally competent end-of-life care

Chapter 5 Comfort and Sedation

• Introduction

• Definitions of pain and anxiety

• Predisposing factors to pain and anxiety

• Physiology of pain and anxiety

o Pain

o Anxiety

• Positive effects of pain and anxiety

• Negative effects of pain and anxiety

o Physical effects

o Psychological effects

• Assessment

o Pain measurement tools

o Pain measurement tools for nonverbal patients

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