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If the pH and the BiCarb are both in the same direction

then it is?


If the pH is up it is?


If the pH is down it is?


As the pH goes so goes my patient except for?


If the pH is UP my patient will show signs and symptoms


Increase... like tachycardia,diarrhea and borborygmi

If the pH is down my patient will show signs and symtoms


Decrease... like decreased output, bradycardia and


If my pH is up my potassium (K+) is ?


If my pH is down my potassium (K+) is?


If my patient is overventilating I should choose?

Respiratory Alkalosis

If my patient is underventilating I should choose?

Respiratory Acidosis

If my patient has prolonged gastric vomiting or suction I


Metabolic Alkalosis

If it is not lung or prolonged vomiting or suctioning I


Metabolic Acidosis

High pressure alarms are triggered when?

They cannot push air in

High pressure alarms are caused by what three types of


Kinking, Water in dependant loops and mucus in the airway.

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If kinking in the tube is present you?


If water is present in the dependant loops you?

Open system and empty water.

If mucus is present you?

Turn them, cough and have them deeo breath first. If

ineffective you then suction.

Low pressure alarms are triggered when?

It is too easy to push air in.

Low pressure alarms are normally caused by?


If the tubing is disconnected you?


If O2 sensor line is disconnected you?


In a vented client respiratory alkalosis means the vent

setting may be too?


In a vented client respiratory acidosis means the vent may

be too?


What do you do if the patients disconnected tube is on the


Bag them, (call for help) get new tube and then reconnect.

What do you do if the patients disconnected tube is on the


Reconnect ... if its above the waist its ok.

What is the biggest problem in abuse?


applicable to all forms of abuse

To treat denial you need to?


How do you confront?

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Point out the difference between what they say and what

they do.

What is the one circumstance that you as a nurse would

support denial?

Loss and Grief

What is dependency?

When the abuser gets a significant other to make decisions

for them or do thing for them.

the abuser is dependent

What is codependency?

When the significant other gets positive self esteem from

doing things or making decisions for an abuser.

To treat dependency/codependency you?

Set limits and enforce them. You also need to work or the self

estreem of the codependent.

What is manipulation?

When the abuser gets the significant other fo do things for

them that is not in the best interest of the significant other.

This can be dangerous and harmful to the significant other.

How do you treat manipulation?

Set limits and enforce.

Why is manipulation easier to treat then


Because no one likes being manipulated.

What is Wernickes (Korsakoffs) Syndrome?

Psychosis induced by vitamin B1 (Thiamine) deficiency.

Vitamin B1 helps breakdown?


Primary symptom of Wernickes?

Amnesia with confabulation (making up stories).

Is Wernickes preventable?


Is Wernickes arrestable?


Is Wernickes reversible?

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What is aversion therapy?

When you try and make the patient hate something.

Antabuse onset and duration is?

2 weeks

Teach a patient taking Antabuse to avoid what?


On top of alcohol a patient taking Antabuse should also

avoid what other 7 things?

Elixirs, Vanilla Extract, Aftershave/Perfumes, Alcohol based

hand sanitizer, Insect repellant, Mouthwash and Vinagerette.

What are the five uppers?

Caffeine, Cocaine, Methamphetamines, PCP/LSD and ADHD


Downers are?

Everything other then the five uppers.

S/S of upper use?

Everything goes up...Tachycardia, increased BP etc.

S/S of downer use?

Everything goes down...Bradycardia, decreased BP etc.

Overdose of a downer causes everything to go?


Overdose of an upper causes everything to go?


Withdrawal of an upper causes everything to go?


Withdrawal of a downer causes everything to go?


At birth if the mother was addicted to a substance always

assume the newborn is in?


If 24 hours after birth assume the baby is in?


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