NUR 2392 / NUR2392 : Multidimensional Care II / MDC 2 Final Exam Review / Rasmussen College ( 98 Q&A )

1. Stomatitis - inflammation of the oral mucosa 2. Primary stomatitis - Most common type, includes aphthous (noninfectious) stomatitis, herpes simplex stomatitis, and traumatic ulcers 3. Secondary stomatitis - caused by - cancer - HIV - viruses - bacteria - chemo - long term antibiotic use - yeast 4. Care of stomatitis - Proper oral hygiene, decrease stress levels, avoid oral irritants (mouth washes with alcohol, smoking, and spicy foods), address nutritional deficiency, assessment of medications currently taken 5. Leukoplakia - thickened, white, leathery-looking spots on the inside of the mouth that can develop into oral cancer 6. Erythroplakia - a red velvety patch on the mouth or tongue (50%) of cases progress to squamous cell carcinoma. 7. GERD risk factors - > Smoking, alcohol > Caffeine, chocolate, fatty foods > Pregnancy, obesity > Hiatal Hernia 8. GERD treatment - relief from lifestyle changes (e.g. avoid problematic food, elevate head during sleep) over-the-counter medications (e.g. antacids) is usually temporary. Long-term medication may be needed such as PPI Avoid trigger foods Small frequent meals Sit up 30-60 mins after meals 9. Hiatal hernia symptoms - May be asymptomatic or have sx similar to those with GERD (Indigestion, Regurgitation, Eructation, Flatulence, Dysphagia, Odynophagia) 10. Endoluminal fundoplication 

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