NUR 2392 / NUR2392 : Multidimensional Care II / MDC 2 / Rasmussen College ( Module 8, 9, & 10 )

NUR2392 MDC 2 Exam 3 Focused Review Modules 8, 9, & 10 *Please note this is just to be used as a guide. You are responsible for all material covered in class* *Review all concepts related to the topics* Disease/syndromes/problems (For each one, know the following: definition/causes/risks/signs and symptoms/labs/treatment/possible complications/multidimensional care) Chapter 56 Non-inflammatory intestinal disorders Labs, Obstructions-mechanical; non-mechanical, IBS, Colon cancer, colostomy, colostomy care, abdominal hernias, hemorrhoids, Malabsorption syndrome Laboratory Studies:  Complete blood count – to determine the presence of infection or bleeding  C-reactive protein (CRP) – to determine the presence of inflammation  Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) – to determine the presence of inflammation  Liver function test – to determine the elevation of enzymes as result of hepatic inflammation  Stool culture – to determine the presence of blood and parasites  Serum Chemistry tests – to determine electrolyte imbalances  Serum Bilirubin – to determine the ability to metabolize bilirubin  Coagulation studies – to determine clotting ability  Serological test – to determine the specific virus causing the hepatitis  Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) – to determine the presence of colorectal cancer Diagnostic Studies:  Computed tomography – to determine distention, abscess or perforation  Magnetic resonance enterorrhaphy – to determine changes in the bowel lumen, wall, and mesentery; also assesses bowel motility  Ultrasound – to determine abnormalities in organs and blood flow  Colonoscopy – to determine abnormalities in the colon  Sigmoidoscopy – to determine abnormalities of the sigmoid colon  Biopsy – removal of tissues in order to determine the presence of malignancy  Barium enema – may reveal irregularities or narrowing of the colon or wall thickening  Abdominal x-ray – may reveal enlarged organs, free air or fluid in the abdominal cavity -Red blood cell life: 90-120 days -WBC life: 13-17 days

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