NUR2755 / NUR 2755 FINAL EXAM . Rasmussen College. Multidimensional Care IV / MDC 4 Exam. SEE QUESTIONS IN DESCRIPTION.

NUR 2755 Multidimensional Care IV


what are the treatments for frostbite in the ED?

- Warm saline, immerse hands/feet in warm water, elevate affected limbs, have them

rub their hands together

Priority treatment for pt with a heat stroke

- Move them out of the sun, into shade

First priority assessment

- Airway

Process called for sorting patients

- Triage

Pt with a heat stroke starts to shiver. Why is this this bad?

- Raises their temp.; give them meds

Pt has an increased temp., what will we tell the UAP to do?

- Strip them down/remove clothing

2nd degree frost bite looks like?

- Milky fluid, red w/ blisters

Pt w/ heat stroke--what characteristics would we see in the pt?

- Tachycardia, irregular pulse patter, visual disturbance, dec. urine output

Pt being treated for hypothermia & is on a heart monitor. What is the reason that the pt could

have arrhythmias?

- Lactic acid shunted

Pt sustained a blunt trauma to the chest, sign that the pt has a pneumothorax?

- Diminished breath sounds

Low pressure alarms on the ventilator, what do we think happened/what do we do?

- It disconnected; ventilate the pt manually

Pt w/ rib fracture, how would they present?

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