NUR 2392 / NUR2392 : Multidimensional Care II / MDC 2 Exam 1 / Rasmussen College ( 108 Q&A )

NUR 2392 Multidimensional Care II



MDC 2 Exam 1



1. Name type of imaging, endoscopy & biopsy for complete blood count labs

-       CT scans


-       Bronchoscopy


-       Breast biopsy


2. Blood protein testing (imaging, endoscopy, biopsy)

-       MRI


-       Colonoscopy


-       bone marrow biopsy


3. tumor marker test (imaging, endoscopy, biopsy)

-       x-rays


-       cystoscopy


-       organ/tissue-specific


4. circulating tumor cell tests

-       nuclear medicine scans & laparoscopy


5. Curative surgery

-       Removal of the cancerous tumor when confined to a specific body location.

Often used in conjunction with other treatments such as radiation and/or chemotherapy


6. palliative surgery

-       performed to treat the problems that the cancer or treatment of cancer has created


7. prophylactic surgery

-       To remove tissues that are not cancerous but can become cancerous


8. diagnostic surgery

-       performed to determine if cancer cells are present


9. reconstruction/restorative surgery

-       performed following treatment to restore the patient's body function such as breast reconstruction following a mastectomy


10. Pre-operative care (nursing care)

-       ensure necessary tests are performed such as blood work, EKG and chest x-ray and ensure patient has remained NPO (nothing by mouth) for the required time frame


11. Education (nursing care)

-       patient ed. regarding the type of procedure, post-operative management to include any restrictions, wound care, S&S of infection, medication, follow-up treatment, and follow up appointments


12. Nutrition (nursing care)

-       ensure pt has consult for the dietitian to assess nutritional and cultural needs


13. Pain control (nursing care)

-       ensure adequate pain control by assessing a pt's level of pain frequently and administering the prescribed medications


14. Internal radiation therapy

-       radiation treatment in which the radiation is placed inside the body in a solid or liquid form

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