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Task 1


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Needs-Assessment Summary

Demographics Assessment

Sentinel City consists of 4 distinct districts, Industrial heights, Casper Park, Acer Tech,

and Nightingale. Each has their own unique personality and population they serve. The

population of Sentinel City is 663,862. The age percentage breakdown of the populations of

Sentinel city shows that individuals that are less than five years old is 7.4%, people less than 18

years old equate for 21.7%, individuals 18 to 64 years old contribute 60.4% and individuals over

65 are 10.5%. The race percentage breakdown of population of Sentinel City shows individuals

the primary race is white is 80.6%, black or African-American 10.4%, American Indian and

Alaska native 2%, Asian 3.7%, native Hawaiian or other pacific islander 0.2%, two or more

races is 3.1%, Hispanic or Latino is 31.5%, white individuals that are not Hispanic or Latino is

52.7%, The median household income of Sentinel city is 246,300. The percentage of Central city

residents living below the poverty level is 18.9%. The population of each of the four

neighborhoods in Nightingale Square is 103,974. For Acer Tech Center it is 168,390. For the

Casper park district it is 352,643. Lastly, the Industrial Heights is 38,855. The median household

incomes for the four neighborhoods show Nightingale Square at 269,550. For Acer Tech Center

it is 166,300. For the Casper park district it is 80,134. For industrial Heights it is 24,672. The

percentage of non-insured residents of each of the four neighborhoods shows Nightingale square

at 0.7%, Acer Tech Center at 1.5%, Casper district it is 22.7% and for industrial heights it is


Neighborhood/Safety Assessment

There are multiple safety hazards seen throughout Sentinel city. I noticed around the

redevelopment housing that the surrounding area has graffiti, a lot of stray dogs, and industrial

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pipes spewing out sewage. This is possibly harmful to not only to the environment, but those

who come in close contact with it. There also seems to be large tires laid about on the ground in

which small rodents like to hide and create homes. I also noted trash to be found on the streets

and even radioactive containers which can have detrimental damage to the surrounding area.

Going through Casper park there showed a great deal of graffiti throughout multiple buildings.

There was even a broken phone booth in the Nightingale district and noticed that there was quite

a large of older buildings run-down and unkempt. These buildings are potentially not up to code

and could house leaky gas pipes or exposed electrical to those unsuspecting individuals passing

through. Next to Lillys I did notice there was a large mound of trash piled up with rats running

about. It is important to note that these rodents carry a lot of diseases. They can spread

infectious problems to the community if not careful. Checking with CIty Hall animal control

records, it shows that a staggering 90% of animals that come in are not spayed or neutered. This

leads to a continual problem of stray, untrained, and possibly aggressive animals throughout the

city. With that said, that be correlated with the amount of dog bites the hospital has seen.

 To summarize the data related to the drug use in the city I consulted with the central city

healthcare system, specifically the pharmacy. Looking at the data it shows that the inhabitants of

the city use tobacco the most at 24% of the population. Followed by alcohol use at 36% of the

population, marijuana at 12%, cocaine at 5%, heroin at 7%, methamphetamines 10%, and

prescription drug use 18%.

When comparing the data of the EMS response time in minutes with Sentinel City and

the three surrounding cities it is showing that they have the second fastest response time. The

response time is at 7.46 minutes, with the slowest city being at 12.14 minutes. And the fastest at

5.43 minutes.

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To look at the types of crime that are occurring in the area I consulted with the City Hall

police department records. It shows that common arrests include warrants at 23%, battery at

17%, controlled substances at 16%, and criminal trespassing at 9%. When looking at the reported

violence crimes we noticed that aggravated assault is staggeringly high at 1231 cases last year

alone. When talking to Charles Cruise, a police officer in the Casper district, he said that the

Nightingale Square has the lowest crime rate while industrial heights and Casper park district

have the higher crime crime rates. Most common crimes throughout the city and all

neighborhoods are bicycle theft, property damage, shoplifting, or drunken disorderly conduct.

The crime indexes for each neighborhood are as follows; Nightingale square gets 93 out of 100,

industrial Heights 42, Casper park 57, and Easter technical district 89. As you can see

Nightingale square is definitely our safest neighborhood.

Again, looking at the City Hall records of the police department, it shows that they do

have a gang presence. The records reflect that gang-related aggravated assault is going to be the

highest at 100 cases last year alone. Looking at the graph over the past five years it looks like it

has been trending down slowly for the past 2 years. The total sentinel city crime rate is 3605 per

100,000 people. The violence crime rate is 311.1 per 100,000 people.

Services offered by each of the following community services

1). The parks and recreation have educational programs like swimming lessons, nutrition

courses, gardening courses, kids summer programs.

 2). The healthcare system does offer senior transportation, government entitlement assistance,

meals on wheels, and elderly abuse prevention advocates.

3). The City Hall offers protective services like adoption assistance, healthcare assistance with

setting up Medicaid, offering the wick services, and snap.

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