NR 599 Week 8 Final Exam

Final Exam Study Guide

1. Informatics nursing is distinguished from other nursing specialties by its focus on:

computerized medical records.

data and information content and representation.

data coding and the use of abbreviations.

training and education.

2. Applications that are designed to run on a common platform, operate in a common environment, and communicate through direct data transfer

are known as:





3. Adult learners most effectively learn about a new clinical information system when the instructor:

assumes that the learner knows nothing about the system.

begins the formal training as early as possible in the implementation process.

emphasizes the technical specifications of the structure of the system.

encourages the learner to use previous experience to interpret new learning.

4. Knowledge that is patterned for use in reasoning is known as:

artificial intelligence.

knowledge query.

knowledge representation.

neural computing.

5. What process produces a blueprint that details how hardware and software meet the needs of the organization?


Feasibility study

System analysis

System design

6. Ease of navigation, appropriate language, efficiency of use, ease of learning, and intuitiveness are all examples of:

affective skills.

behavioral needs.

system usability.

user ergonomics.

7. The problems of an existing system have been identified, along with possible solutions. What is the next step in the systems analysis stage?

A feasibility study

Requirements gathering

Systems design

Systems testing

8. What type of testing is performed on functionally grouped components to ensure that the subset works with the entire system?



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Final Exam Study Guide


User acceptance

9. In project management, the critical path is best described as a series of activities that:

includes the path with the most slack or float.

indicates the earliest possible time a project can be completed.

is scheduled for the next current phase of the process.

shows the shortest path through the network diagram.

10. What is the initial layer of protection to prevent unauthorized, external access to a facility's information network?

Digital certificates



Password authentication

11. What is the most common risk to patient privacy and confidentiality?

An organization's employees

Inadequate firewall protection

Inadequate system design

Viruses, worms, and Trojan horses

12. Which document articulates the primary factors that guide professional nursing judgment, regarding confidential patient information?

Administrative Simplification Provisions

Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Nursing Informatics: Scope and Standards of Practice

13. Integrating clinical practice guidelines with an electronic health record facilitates quality improvement measurement by:

comparing guideline parameters to clinical outcomes.

presenting results at the point of treatment decisions.

providing reference information to measurement staff.

representing patient acuity data.

14. An online course discussion board is a form of:

asynchronous learning.

didactic learning.

synchronous learning.

traditional learning.

15. Using an office computer system to identify a patient whom the linked hospital information system identifies as having positive cultures for

pneumonia, a primary care provider orders the patient's antibiotic. This scenario exemplifies:

a health information exchange.

a system to update patient records.

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