Walden University NURS 6512 FINAL EXAM 11 Advanced Health Assessment 2021 (100 Questions with Answers) for Exam Prep.

Walden University NURS 6512 FINAL EXAM 11 Advanced Health Assessment 2021 (100 Questions with Answers) for Exam Prep.

CCourse NURS - 6512N, Advanced Health Assessment 2021

Test Exam - Week 11 (100 Questions with Answers)

 Question 1

You are examining Mr. S., a 79-year-old diabetic man complaining of claudication. Which of

the following physical findings is consistent with the diagnosis of arterial occlusion?

Selected Answer: Loss of hair over the extremity

 Question 2

An idiopathic spasm of arterioles in the digits is termed:

Selected Answer: Raynaud disease.

 Question 3

If pitting edema is unilateral, you would suspect occlusion of a:

Selected Answer: major vein.

 Question 4

The physical assessment technique most frequently used to assess joint symmetry is:

Selected Answer: inspection.

 Question 5

A common finding in markedly obese and pregnant women is:

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Selected Answer: lordosis.

 Question 6

You are conducting an examination of Mr. Curtis's heart and blood vessels and auscultate a

grade III murmur. The intensity of this murmur is:

Selected Answer: moderately loud.

 Question 7

To hear diastolic heart sounds, you should ask patients to:

Selected Answer: lie on their left sides.

 Question 8

When conducting a geriatric assessment, basic activities of daily living (ADLs) include:

Selected Answer: bathing.

 Question 9

It is especially important to test for ankle clonus if:

Selected Answer: deep tendon reflexes are hyperactive.

 Question 10

The Mini-Mental State Examination:

Selected Answer: may be used to quantitatively estimate cognitive changes.

 Question 11

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Functional assessment is most important during the examination of a(n):

Selected Answer: older adult.

 Question 12

The musculoskeletal examination should begin when:

Selected Answer: the patient enters the examination room.

 Question 13

Your 15-year-old patient is athletic and thin. Radiography of an ankle injury reveals a stress

fracture. You should question this patient about her:

Selected Answer: menstrual cycles.

 Question 14

While interviewing a 70-year-old female clinic patient, she tells you that she takes ginkgo

biloba and St. John's wort. You make a short note to check for results of the:

Selected Answer: Mini-Mental State Examination.

 Question 15

If a patient cannot shrug the shoulders against resistance, which cranial nerve (CN) requires

further evaluation?

Selected Answer: CN XI, spinal accessory

 Question 16

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